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A fun country simulation game.

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Hey, I decided to post this link here because I know that sometimes there is nothing better than finding a new game that is fun, relaxing, challenging, and relevant. All at once.

Join me in playing Simcountry

I'm shamelessly marketing this because I am sure there are some here who would get a kick out of playing this game, and I'd like to get some more liberty oriented people playing.

Basically, the point of the game is to build a country, or a corporate enterprise, consisting of multiple mega corporations, and manage it. You can either be the president/dictator/whatever or a CEO, complete with a large world of many goods and services. Populations have needs, your country needs defense. You can play peacefully or be aggressive in raiding inactive countries around you, or even build a massive army/air force/navy and try for world domination. The game markets are alive and the market savy players may find great enjoyment managing the CEO aspect of the game.

I currently play on Fearless Blue, as president of a country called "Free Republic." Its a world more geared towards war activity, even though I don't currently have a large military force.

Let me know if you join, and I will try to help get you oriented as best I can. Its a deep complex game, but also shouldn't demand too much time.