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      Pursuant to our site's Mission, this site has been a leader in advancing the cause of liberty and restoring adherence to the US Constitution since 2007. Throughout this time our community of activists has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for political campaigns, spearheading and funding countless grassroots projects and has played important roles in helping seat pro-liberty candidates into Congress and other elected positions. Our site and community has garnered the attention of numerous national news agencies, political leaders and community activists for these efforts.

      While these accomplishments are significant they are only the beginning as we plan to grow to have a bigger impact. You can help us continue our efforts on this historic mission with your generous donation, every $5, $10, $20 or however much you can afford, helps us achieve our goals.

      Contact the site staff for donation options.

      If you value our site, its Mission Statement, what is has done, and what the staff plans to do, please consider granting us the honor of your support which is greatly appreciated.

      Other ways you can contribute to the site:

      Volunteer: Volunteering your time and services to help improve the site is a great way to support our Mission. Members can volunteer to collaborate on a specific work project idea they have, offer skilled services or otherwise offer general assistance. When you volunteer you keep complete control over any scheduling and there are no commitments. Volunteering in support of our Mission is very appreciated and can earn you a free site Membership Subscription as well.

      Please contact the site staff if you are interested in volunteering.

      In addition to general help the following skilled services are of interest:
      • Writers
      • Copy editors
      • Graphic artists
      • Web designers and developers
      • Video producers
      • Voice talent

      Membership Subscriptions: A great way to support the site and receiving some added perks is by purchasing a site Membership Subscription. The following Membership Subscriptions levels are available:

      Bronze Membership - $20 annually: provides you with the following site enhancements:
      • Private Message Space increased to 2,000 Messages.
      • User can use up to 115px x 115px Animated Avatar.
      • Maximum Characters in Signature: 1500.
      • can link 1 Video, 3 images in signature
      • User Can Upload Static Image for Signatures. Max width 600px Max height: 100px., 60KB
      • User Can Set Self to Invisible Mode.
      • 1/2 MB of attachments
      • Allowance for one forum name edit. PM an admin.
      • Profile picture 200x200, 25KB, 100KB

      Silver Membership - $50 annually: provides you with everything on the Bronze Level plus:
      • Private Message Space increased to 3,500 Messages.
      • 1MB of attachments
      • 8 Maximum Recipients to Send PMs at a time

      Gold Membership - $100 annually: provides you with everything on the Silver Level plus:
      • Private Message Space increased to 5,000 Messages.
      • 2MB of attachments
      • 10 Maximum Recipients to Send PMs at a time

      Platinum Membership - $250 annually: provides you with everything on the Gold Level plus:
      • Private Message Space increased to 7,000 Messages.
      • 5MB of attachments
      • 12 Maximum Recipients to Send PMs at a time

      Promote the Site: Sharing the good word of our site within your networks, blogs and other social media will help us achieve our Mission.

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      We have no relationship with any affiliate beyond just being an affiliate. While all efforts are appreciated, for volunteer efforts to qualify for an increase in membership level there must be prior arrangements with the site staff. Membership benefits are contingent upon following the sites Community Guidelines to maintain an account in good standings. Banned accounts can not be refunded donations, but bans can be appealed for a more detailed review of the account standing.