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    Jack Russell Wildlife Control

    Axle Surgeons of TN

    Accu-Claim Adjustment Inc.

    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures
  2. Foreign Aid to Israel puts the U.S. deeper in debt and is bad Foreign Policy

    When the United States government gives foreign aid to any nation, it throws the concept of Fiscal Responsibility completely out the window.

    The U.S. is deeply in debt and must continually borrow money from nations such as China just to operate on a daily basis. Borrowing money to give away to foreign nations that do not pay into our national treasury is fiscally irresponsible. Borrowing money to give to Israel is a heavy burden on the American taxpayer and we simply can not afford ...
  3. Fiscal Responsibility: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney

    When it comes to the issue of fiscal responsibility both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney understand that the spending of the U.S. federal government is out of control. The annual budget deficits are leading to an ever increasing national debt that is unsustainable. The federal spending must be cut massively in order to balance the budget and that means massive cuts to the size of the federal government.

    There are three steps that must be taken in order to get to a point of fiscal responsibility. ...