Everyone in the Freedom movement needs to understand that the movement lives on for the 2008 elections, even if Ron Paul is not on the ballot for President.

There are many "Ron Paul Republicans" running for office around the country, carrying on the Freedom message, and they all deserve our support.

But there is only ONE running for the United States Senate, and that is the "Scholar of Freedom", Finance Professor Dr. Murray Sabrin - Ron Paul's friend of 25 years who has been officially endorsed by Dr. Paul.

Murray is the crown jewel of the Ron Paul Republicans and he can take this movement to a whole new level if he wins his election to the United States Senate. Consider this:

1) There are only 100 Senators in the whole USA, versus 435 House members. So the vote of one "Ron Paul Senator" counts for much more than a "Ron Paul Congressman", especially on close votes in the Senate. Thus Dr. Sabrin will make a huge difference in blocking bad, unconstitutional legislation.

2) Senators can "filibuster" bills and hold up votes in the Senate simply by talking and talking. So Dr. Sabrin will keep his fellow Senators up all night with lectures about the Constitution until they strip pork barrel spending and freedom-restricting provisions from bills being debated.

3) The Constitution gives Senators the ability to confirm judges and other appointees. So Dr. Sabrin will be able to vigorously question and discredit nominees who stand against Freedom. That means no more neocon ambassadors, no more unconstitutional judges, no more big spending department heads!

4) The MSM loves to interview Senators. Imagine Dr. Sabrin facing off on national TV with his Senatorial colleagues like Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, and Hillary Clinton, embarrassing them on their lack of knowledge of the Constitution.

5) Having a Senator from New Jersey means easy access to the media capital of the world in New York City. Dr. Sabrin lives just a10 minute drive from the CNBC studios! That means he'll be a regular guest talking about monetary policy, sound money, and exposing the Federal Reserve on a regular basis.

We MUST help Dr. Murray Sabrin get elected. He is in a very competitive 3-way primary and needs to raise $1.5 million by the end of this month to become the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

A money bomb has been set up at http://www.scholaroffreedom.com, courtesy of Trevor Lyman who created Ron Paul's money bombs. Murray cannot win without help from the Freedom Movement all over the country. Please pledge today and donate to our "Scholar of Freedom" on February 29!