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    06-11-2024, 06:46 PM
    Interesting. Never heard of that before. Gracias.
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    06-11-2024, 07:22 AM
    Defend the Guard?
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    06-05-2024, 07:25 AM
    That guy gets a True Greatness award lol
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    06-03-2024, 02:58 PM
    I am literally swelling with pride right now.
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    06-02-2024, 01:41 PM
    TPTB sending Tulsi a message?
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    05-31-2024, 06:52 AM
    LOL So much bu11shit, so little time. They have been throwing sh*t at Trump relentlessly since he descended the golden escalator and EVERY SINGLE TIME IT MADE HIM STRONGER. Why should this be different? If I were a betting man I would bet he beats this one too. Any one who is not rabid about politics is going to see this for what it is -- A hot, steaming bowl of it.
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    05-30-2024, 04:08 PM
    He paid a bimbo to keep her mouth shut and keep it off the books... Who hasn't?
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    05-28-2024, 05:32 PM
    I watched it. I did not detect much profundity in it.... Was there something i missed?
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    05-23-2024, 01:00 PM
    I went there for endless shrimp a couple years ago but was pissed because cold boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce was not part of the endless shrimp offerings. You had to get one of the butter sauce or alfredo sauce shrimp and pasta dishes. How many plates of alfredo sauce can you eat. I can eat a shlt-pile of boiled shrimps, however :)
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    05-21-2024, 02:53 AM
    Hymn written by Martin Luther for a TV show produced by the Lutheran Church in the 1960's. Davey & Goliath was a terrific TV show. Watched it every Sunday morning. "In this stop-action animated series, young Davey Hansen and his best friend (and dog) Goliath live ordinary suburban American lives. In each episode, Davey and Goliath experience some form of moral conflict either in themselves or in their friends. Drawing upon the guidance of his parents, his teachers, and his own religious beliefs, Davey doesn't always do the right thing, but he does always come away from the experience having learned valuable moral and life lessons. "
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    05-16-2024, 02:10 AM
    Me too... It was amazing. Compare that excitement to all the bizarre stuff going on today like zee/zir pronouns and kids getting festering holes drilled where their dicks used to be. I've given money to two Presidential candidates - Ross Perot and Ron Paul. I actually did some phone bank volunteering for Perot's campaign in 1992. Talking to people across the country that had the exact same kind of excitement we had for Ron Paul. It changed my entire worldview. Ross was a hoot, and they made fun of him the same way they did Ron Paul.... But he didn't give a damn. He was a 5'2" country boy, self-made billionaire, and he was going to drain the goddamn swamp. But they threatened his children, showed up at his daughter's wedding even, and that took him down. Live, laugh and love the ones you're with. That's where I'm at these days. May the charts be with you.
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