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    Today, 03:24 PM
    Yes - I recall reading quotes someone had posted from the 60s, of some college students saying that their degrees didn't guarantee that they would find work anymore and they felt scammed. There's always been someone pushing this notion that the previous generation had it so much easier than those just starting out and I think it's intentionally deceitful. It's probably the reason the "elites" started dividing us up with terms like "baby boomer", generation X, millennial. etc., Rather than blaming the corrupt elites that fucked us over during the previous generation(s) - say, by murdering our president, or stealing our gold, or ending bretton-woods, or sending our jobs overseas (all without us being quite aware of what they are pulling till it's too late) - they obscure/deny the past hardships ever existed and condition each generation to believe the previous one simply had an easy time. You grow up following a certain path, only to find out after it's too late, that that path doesn't work at all. You've been exploited and other people got rich exploiting you. In this way they scam us all, while making each generation blame, and feel resentful towards, those before them.
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    Today, 01:46 PM
    ...since the 80s in many fields.
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    05-10-2024, 09:15 AM
    Thomas Massie is key to restoring our republic.
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    05-09-2024, 07:52 PM
    "the will of Congress"? Since when is that a thing? The correct expression is "the will of the people" but neither Johnson or Biden are considering that. Traitors!
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    05-08-2024, 08:34 PM
    (DailyCaller - Nicole Silverio) May 08, 2024 - 5:41 PM ET Gaetz has an interesting point in that he assumes there are 2-3 republicans who are ripe for bribing. It's as if he has specific people in mind.
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    05-08-2024, 07:51 PM
    Lew Rockwell posted this brief video of Butler talking to Bonus marchers in 1932.
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    05-08-2024, 05:55 PM
    Not happy with Trump's truthsocial response! :/ I know he's got a lot to deal with right now, but this makes it sound like he doesn't grasp the situation at all - that is - that Johnson is a backstabber who went out of his way to vote with the dems for legislation that we don't want; still spying on us, yet again splurging on extremely excessive foreign aid, and failing to acknowledge that we have been invaded. "Mike Johnson is a good man who is trying very hard." WTF?! Mike Johnson is a weak piece of shit who is indifferent to the well-being of American citizens! Did he delegate this response to still-incompetent staff?! Or must I accept that he will definitely be stabbing us in the back?
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    05-08-2024, 04:13 PM
    1788327114497810462 Biggs Burlison Crane Davidson Gosar Greene Massie
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    05-01-2024, 07:29 AM
    She says that next week she will be calling for the motion to vacate. video: 1785655081762955311
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    04-28-2024, 07:24 PM
    That sounds reasonable for an actual hunter and it's how I’ve always seen it depicted on the screen and in books - but - the story says she took the dog on a hunt so it could learn from the other dogs. Instead it acted nuts and ruined the whole hunt, spoiling her fun. Does not sound like she took the dog's training very seriously. I suppose training an animal is less fun than shooting them. I think she's a poser and a show-off. If Trump picked her as his VP she’d be worse than Pence - if that is even possible! - and it would make me seriously doubt Trump’s ability to ever be even a half-way decent president. She’s part of a cult, too. This is crazy talk. This sounds accurate. My dog bit me once (not badly) - it was a case of displaced aggression and I wouldn't have dreamed of killing him for it (RIP - He lived to a ripe old age and was put to sleep at the vet's office). In the original Guardian story, it is implied that she spoke about this because she believes it proves she can ‘do anything “difficult, messy and ugly” if it simply needs to be done’... as if this is a great leadership quality.
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    04-28-2024, 10:35 AM
    Admittedly, not into hunting culture, but… If you’ve trained the dog to hunt pheasant, why would you be surprised when it goes after chickens too? Aren’t they both ground birds? She had just positively enforced the dog to hunt ground birds, then failed to secure the excited dog in her truck while she stopped to bullshit with a chicken-owning friend. Her own stupidity, but the big brat kills the dog for embarrassing her. …and hunting pheasant? with a pack of dogs? What is she, a fucking duke?! Does she wear a red jacket and jodhpurs for this? Yelling “Tally-ho”? I have noticed she does love playing dress up and let’s pretend, much like Justin Trudeau. Seen her wearing many “cute” outfits portraying her as a state trooper, plumber, other stuff - always perfectly tailored for her. What a priss! Was her former career being a beauty pageant contestant? I’ll speculate that the male goat was likely there to sire some fun and adorable baby goats and once his job was done, it’s time to kill his inconvenient ass. This woman is vile.
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    04-27-2024, 10:19 AM
    1783814926596743281 This is the sense I get about these protests. They’re contrived by government operatives and carried out by the coddled, conformist, rich (and otherwise entitled) kids who inhabit the universities - all to distract attention from the abuse being heaped on American citizens. The fact that Mike Johnson made a point of speaking at a university - as if this is America’s #1 issue! - reiterates that he’s a complete and utter asshole. I think they expect us to now unite and defend him from the response he predictably received, as if he’s “our team” and we’re supposed to be offended for him. Pffft.
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    04-24-2024, 10:01 AM
    Thank you for the attempt at explaining - it was thoughtful of you and I started to read it - but 1 1/2 sentence into it, I was reminded that football is meaningless and boring, and requires that one shut off 99.9% of one’s thought processes. I realized I don't care enough to learn anything about it’s intricacies and stopped reading. I will never understand how so many otherwise thought-capable people derive anything positive from the ritual of gathering in groups and watching strangers play such a brainless, boring game. Ex.“He’s got the ball! Oh, he dropped it!" "He’s got the ball! Oh, he dropped it!" Repeat one thousand times... Participating in football-watching strikes me as an exercise in extreme, brain-warping, conformity. No offense dannno. It was considerate of you to take the time to explain - I just can't care. Sorry, I guess I should have put this in the unpopular opinion thread. Yes, why conform to dullness?
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    04-22-2024, 07:13 PM
    Tom Massie was in the same meeting as Mike Johnson - says Johnson is lying about having learned some important new info in the SCIF. 1782569985442824212
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    04-19-2024, 12:40 PM
    1781379851967951170 according to CNN:
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    04-19-2024, 12:09 PM
    No word yet as to what his point was. A witness said the man was there all week carrying a sign. Another said he threw pamplets around before setting himself on fire.
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    04-18-2024, 07:02 PM
    Well I remember a thread where we discussed what the quintessential complaining-old-jew-stereotype sounds like, and you mentioned Harvey Korman in drag. So your other favorite is probably The Carol Burnett Show. Mother Marcus
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