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  1. Sorry Fortis... I'm pretty new, too... you're not neg rep'ing me, you just don't have enough rep points to give + rep's yet. I haven't gotten neg rep's yet, and apparently they're red... yours are gray on my control panel... once you gain enough rep points, they'll turn green. lol I have no idea... I'll kick some + rep your way as re-payment.
  2. Thats weird... I'm sure I hit "I approve". My apologies again, I will positive rep one of ur other posts.
  3. Thanks (regarding my post). I don't really worry about the rep thing, I was just curious what about the post you didn't like.

    By the way, you negative rep'd me again in the Glenn Beck thread. lol
  4. I negative rep'd you? Thats strange I actually really liked ur post. I must have missclicked. I'll go positive rep some of ur other posts to make up for that.
  5. just curious why you negative rep'd me for my post in your thread...?
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