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  1. Tripartisan Breakdown of the AFP NH 2017 Scorecard

    Some quick thoughts on the just released AFP-NH 2017 Scorecard

    NH House:
    12 bills dealing with subjects such as reducing the cost of health insurance and improving the quality of education

    Tripartisan breakdown
    100% Scores
    Republicans – 49 (Not voting wasn’t counted against the legislators so even though Speaker Jasper only voted once, he had a 100% score as he voted to increase worker freedom)
    Libertarians – 2
    Democrat – 0

    Updated 07-22-2017 at 12:13 PM by Keith and stuff

  2. New Libertarian Party State Representative Expected

    Exclusive: New Libertarian Representative Expected
    A New Hampshire State Representative is expected to defect to the Libertarian Party.
    Griffen Smith on June 11, 2017

    A 71 Republic exclusive interview with New Hampshire State Representative Caleb Dyer (L-Pelham) disclosed that there will be a 3rd Libertarian [Party member] joining his ranks in the New Hampshire
  3. 2nd NH Rep. Switches to the Libertarian Party This Year

    Today the New Hampshire House Libertarian Party Minority Caucus held a press conference to announce that Representative Joseph Stallcop of Keene switched his party registration from Democratic to Libertarian. Representative Stallcop joins Representative Caleb Dyer as the second Libertarian Party legislator in the “Live Free or Die” State House.

    Representative Dyer switched to Libertarian earlier in the year, after the Party gained official ballot status due to the Honorable Max Abramson ...
  4. Breakdown of the 2016 Republican Wave in NH offices

    While it is true that New Hampshire voters sent the worst people in New Hampshire to live in a swamp, this was a Republican wave year for New Hampshire state and county based positions.

    2016 New Hampshire County Office Election Results

    Many people are aware that the voters just elected Republicans to control the entire state government from the governor and executive council, to the New Hampshire Senate and the New Hampshire House. However, it is county offices that ...
  5. - how to vote in New Hampshire on November 8th - how to vote in New Hampshire on November 8th

    Time is short so has done the research for you. Click on your town and then click “Get Ballot”. A sample ballot filled out with good candidate recommendations will appear. Save the ballot to your phone, bring up the website in the voting booth, or even print out a personal copy of the ballot.

    Not sure when or where to vote? See the FAQ for answers to this question and ...
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