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  1. Ron/Rand Paul's driver is running for senate - please help

    Bob Goodman was Ron Paul's New Hampshire driver in 2012. Bob Goodman was Rand Paul's driver in 2016. He gives thanks to Rand for his support. Bob only has 8 days until the primary election so this is urgent! Bob wants to thank everyone for their support. Bob also ask that people spread the word!

    Here is an appeal, a letter, from Rand Paul about this campaign. Please read it and donate to Bob if you have just a few dollars or more to spare. ...
  2. Announcing Liberty Ballot and Major Recommendations

    Announcing the 2016 Edition of Liberty Ballot and Major Recommendations

    On the night before the New Hampshire election, many Granite Staters will be asking similar questions. Which candidates support smaller government? How to vote? Where to vote? Voting for liberty can be complicated - make it easy with Click on your town and then click “Get Ballot”. A sample ballot filled out with liberty candidate recommendations for the contested Republican Primary races ...
  3. Maryland Vs. New Hampshire

    Maryland Vs. New Hampshire

    Six #Baltimore police officers were charged with killing #FreddieGray. The Baltimore Sun found bigger issues across the whole department:
  4. New Jersey Vs. New Hampshire

    New Jersey Vs. New Hampshire

    While New Hampshire and New Jersey both have "New" in their names, the states couldn't be further apart politically.
  5. Low Populated Northern States have the Lowest Unemployment Rates

    North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate. New Hampshire and Vermont have the lowest unemployment rates in the Eastern United States. South Dakota has the third lowest unemployment rate. Minnesota has the fifth lowest unemployment rate.

    Nevada, Mississippi, Louisiana, California, Tennessee, South Carolina and Arizona have the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

    Looking for ...
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