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Thread: The Real January 6th 'Insurrection'?

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    The Real January 6th 'Insurrection'?

    The Real January 6th 'Insurrection'?

    Yesterday Fox News' Tucker Carlson reported on an explosive investigative article appearing in the conservative news website "Revolver News" regarding the high number of "unindicted co-conspirators" who were deeply involved in the Capitol breach and who acted alongside others who face decades in prison but were not themselves charged. Is this yet another case of the FBI infiltrating and even leading a "terror plot" that they later "foil"? Also, conveniently, the White House yesterday released a strategy to combat "domestic terrorism."
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    The abuse of "insurrection" I find irritating. The networks immediately set to mangling yet another word and they should be taken to the woodshed and beaten senseless.

    Calling the events of January 6, 2021 an "insurrection" betrays the media networks for what they are. Anyone who has lived through a real insurrection knows that you don't have dumbasses taking selfies in Senate offices. They are running wildly about, well armed, and looking as if they were in a very bad humor as they shoot and kill people in large numbers.

    Government is crap, and that's really an insult to crap.

    EDIT: Russia and China are by all means our mortal enemies, make no mistake about that. The world is run by ill-bred toddlers prone to tantrums, armed with nukes. This likely cannot end well for anyone.
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