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Thread: Florida man faces felony charges for doing burn out on Fagg Flag painted on street

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    Exclamation Florida man faces felony charges for doing burn out on Fagg Flag painted on street

    Felony Charges For Leaving Tire Tracks on an LGBT Crosswalk????

    June 18, 2021

    Activists pressure police to elevate charges to “defacing a memorial.”

    LOLOLOLOL. Memorial?

    I had no clue the rainbow was in tribute to the dead.

    Felony for leaving skidmarks. That’s a new one.

    It’s a misdemeanor for intentionally infecting someone with AIDS, but a felony for burning out on a “memorial.”

    Where are all the leftists with the felony charges for tearing down actual memorials?

    “Kudos to the Delray Beach Police Department for swiftly identifying and arresting this hateful criminal,” said PBCHRC President and Founder Rand Hoch. “PBCHRC has requested the charges include defacing a memorial — a recently enacted law which would require this crime to be treated as a felony. If convicted of this offense, the perpetrator would be responsible for reimbursing the City of Delray Beach for the cost of repairing the damages in addition the severe penalties for committing a felony”

    Nicholas Coppola is a member of the Palm Beach County LGBTQ Community Center in Lake Worth Beach, and one of the leaders behind this rainbow artwork that was years in the making.

    “There are many things that indicate this is a hate crime targeted against the community,” Coppola said. “I hate to say I was saddened, but not surprised. There’s a part of me that expected it. Unfortunately, we deal with this every day.”
    According to government's own numbers, over half a MILLION people are dead, just in the US alone, because of a man made virus designed to be even more deadly than what would be found in nature, released, possibly on purpose, from a Chinese lab, a virus that that was created from funding and prior research given to the Chinese scientists by our own government because we, in fit of sanity, pulled the plug on funding here.

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    Lol. The horrors!

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