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Thread: Filipinos make up 30% of COVID-19 deaths among nurses in U.S., study says

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    Filipinos make up 30% of COVID-19 deaths among nurses in U.S., study says

    One of the issues being raised by AAPI campaign:

    Filipinos make up 30% of COVID-19 deaths among nurses in U.S., study says

    By Mitchell Zimmermann/

    May 14, 2021

    PHOENIX – Filipino nurses make up just 4% of the national nursing workforce, but according to National Nurses United, 30.1% of registered nurses who’ve died of COVID-19 in the U.S. were Filipino.

    Nurses of color make up about 57.7% of all RNs who have died of COVID-19, said National Nurses United, which represents 170,000 nurses.
    Since March of last year, nurse Jennifer Somera has been on the front lines of the pandemic in metro Phoenix, working for a medical surgical unit at a hospital. Somera, who has been a nurse for more than two decades, said she was “floated,” or reassigned, to a COVID-19 unit in the past year, but only a half-dozen or so times.
    Jennifer Somera, a Phoenix nurse, has made more than 1,700 masks since the pandemic began more than a year ago. She sews them at the dinner table while her son does his homework. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Somera)

    “Even though we were on the clean side (meaning no COVID-19 patients), we still wore masks, goggles, and washed hands all the time,” Somera said. “Approximately like maybe four, five, six times, only when I was floated to a COVID floor.”
    She wasn’t placed on a COVID floor often, but she still took precautions outside of the unit, and contracted the virus anyways.
    In December 2020, however, Somera and her family contracted COVID-19 after a small gathering to celebrate her father’s 80th birthday.
    “I was so scared,” she recalled. “I really tried, almost a year … and then it happened. It still happened – we all got COVID last Christmas.”


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    This is sad. Filipino nurses are good-hearted. But I believe this data was from last year, right?

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    Filipino nurses make up just 4% of the national nursing workforce
    It’s a much higher percentage in California. And they tend to be the people working with sick and older people, rather than other areas like surgery.
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