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Thread: Who is buying all the armed drones?

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    Post Who is buying all the armed drones?

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    The next major armed conflict will be a drone war. "You can just shoot them out of the sky." With production costs as low as $20 a piece, modern militaries can purchase enough drones to blot out the Sun. Blast away to your heart's content, you can't shoot your way out of a plague of locusts. "Well what about EMP?" What about it? An EMP truck is easily spotted and its radius of effect falls off faster than the inverse-square law. Yes, you can harden sensitive command posts and other targets like that against suicide drones using EMP, but that can't stop reconnaissance drones or drones carrying long-range munitions. Drones can also deploy chaff and countless radar decoys.

    The essence of strategy is the concentration of strength against weakness. The air is weak, until a gust is concentrated against your body and blows you off your feet, or forms into a vortext like a tornado. This is why drones are going to overwhelm the future battlefield. A billion little quadcopters each carrying a dozen bullets or a directed HE-charge is billions of rounds of ammo and armor-piercing munitions that can be dispersed when attacked and suddenly concentrated again. Anyone who has been chased by a swarm of angry yellow-jackets will understand what we're really talking about here...
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    Astrophysicist on Chinese rocket debris which could hit Earth on Saturday

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    Who is buying all the armed drones?

    Folks with a lot more money than me.

    Old Microwave guts have value though.
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