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Thread: CDC Changes Its Tune On Masks, But Media Propaganda Continues

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    CDC Changes Its Tune On Masks, But Media Propaganda Continues

    CDC Changes Its Tune On Masks, But Media Propaganda Continues

    The CDC announced this week that people who have been fully vaccinated can now go outside without masks on. Meanwhile in many of the open states people have been outside all along without masks. The Texas Rangers baseball team played its opener to a full stadium of mostly unmasked people. Meanwhile the mainstream media continues to obfuscate and propagandize over the "embarrassing" successes of "free" states like Texas and Florida, still quoting "experts" who have been wrong over and over.
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    The media is going to continue to keep milking masks for all their worth.
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    Hmmm... Stop watching MSM and spending your days searching social media. Get an axe and chop down a 'politically correct' tree. You will feel better in the morning...

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