Support the Mises Caucus ("the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party")


The Mises Caucus is seeking to "take over" and reinvigorate the Libertarian Party by getting its membership off the path of big-fish-in-a-little-pond-ism and onto the path of actually supporting and defending the cause of liberty, without compromise, without pandering to the Woke, and without trying - or even caring - to win "respectability" from the establishment (either the smaller establishment of the LP "big fish" or that of the larger "system" in general). No more lukewarm rhetoric, no more race-baiting leftism, and no more milquetoast "Republicrat lite" candidates.

In other words, a lot less of this ...

... and a lot more of this ...

Covid Passports are the death of liberty Feat. Dave Smith
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Also note that you do not have to join the Libertarian Party in order to support the Mises Caucus.

They also operate as an independent PAC to support libertarian candidates:

What Do My Donations to Mises PAC Go To?

2021 is an exciting year full of opportunities for the cause of liberty. The Mises Caucus will be focusing on 3 things in 2021 that your donations will help us pursue:

1. Issue Coalitions: Shutdowns, Gun Rights, Drug Decriminalization, Criminal Justice Reform and Occupational Licensing are all issues that we have been and will continue to mobilize our organizing teams around at the local and county level in 2021 through lobbying local legislators, knocking doors, and introducing nullification legislation.

2. Local-level Candidates: 2 of our endorsed and supported candidates were able to win their city council races in 2020: Kalish Morrow for Hanford City Council in California and Trisha Butler for Clarksville City Council in Tennessee. We would like to up our fundraising enough to be able to spend $30,000 on local level libertarian candidates across the country and get them over the hump to victory!

3. Events: We are organizing an event in Virginia on Saturday, 10/2/2021 at a yet-to-be disclosed venue. This event will serve as a pilot for our college campus education and recruitment program that, if successful, we will expand into a tour in 2022. This event will feature lectures by Tom Woods, Michael Boldin, Scott Horton, Michael Rectenwald and Maj Toure.