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Thread: Canadian Health Authority Bans Many Blue Masks Over Severe Lung Damage, Fauci Says “Double Mas

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    Canadian Health Authority Bans Many Blue Masks Over Severe Lung Damage, Fauci Says “Double Mas

    The question is no longer whether they work or not, but whether they are killing you. I don't know about you but this goes a long way to explaining why when I put one of those blue things on, I start coughing, like my body is rejecting something.

    In one stroke this puts the end to the lie that this whole thing has ANYTHING to do with public health.

    Canadian Health Authority Bans Many Blue Masks Over Severe Lung Damage, Fauci Says “Double Mask”

    Former Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer: “They’re going to kill you and your family.

    Meeting with an eerie silence in the US media and government, despite their purported concern for public health, this month the Quebec health authority issued a ban on masks of a type that are widely sold around the world. The masks contain a material called graphene, which studies have shown can cause cellular lung damage. The brand withdrawn is from China, but the material they are made from is used by many different makers.
    Government concern for public health is behind the present relentless coercion towards what amounts to injection of experimental biological agents, made by Pfizer and Moderna.

    The Canadian national news agency the CBC reported on March 26, 2021 in “Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec”:

    “One model of mask distributed to Quebec schools and daycares may be dangerous for the lungs as they could contain a potentially toxic material, according to a directive sent out by the provincial government on Friday…”
    Graphene is nanotechnology material.

    The CBC writes:

    “Health Canada conducted a preliminary risk assessment which revealed a potential for early lung damage associated with inhalation of microscopic graphene particles. Graphene…can be harmful to lungs when inhaled and can cause long-term health problems.”
    It is not known how many of the masks are already in circulation, storage, or use in the US and around the world.
    Earlier this year Dr. Anthony Fauci famously doubled down on masks by recommending people wear double masks.


    Screenshot, mask with graphene at AmazonScreen shot, mask at AmazonSource

    In a 2016 paper “Toxicology of Graphene-Based Nanomaterials,” researchers found:

    “…studies indicate that the toxicity of graphene is dependent on the complex interplay of several physiochemical properties such as shape, size, oxidative state, functional groups, dispersion state, synthesis methods, route and dose of administration, and exposure times (emphasis added.)”

    In a 2013 Brown University reported in the article “Jagged graphene can slice into cell membranes”:
    “Researchers from Brown University have shown how tiny graphene microsheets — ultra-thin materials with a number of commercial applications — could be big trouble for human cells”

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