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Thread: A way to reform policing- just stop responding

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    A way to reform policing- just stop responding

    Seriously. Show up, get a paycheck, spend on lap dances while on 'patrol.'

    There is war ongoing. The war is being carried out on cops, with a certain class of cops in particular.

    On Tuesday Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16 year old girl was fatally shot by a cop as she was attempting to stab another girl. The video can be seen here. No one was interested in the facts. No one.

    Certainly not the media and not activists. This from attorney Ben Crump:

    Unarmed? Uh, no. It gets worse.

    The White House again put its finger on the scales of Justice. Wacki Jen Psaki:

    “She was a child. We’re thinking of her friends and family in the communities that are hurting and grieving her loss. We know that police violence disproportionately impacts black and Latino people in communities and that black women and girls, like black men and boys, experience higher rates of police violence.”

    Never mind that the cop saved another young black woman. Those present at the shooting were undetered by that fact:

    “This is the racist ass b—h that shot this poor f–king girl,” a bystander is heard shouting, according to the 13-second clip. “He f–king shot this girl, talking about how she tried to stab him, the f–k. That’s somebody’s f–king daughter b—h.”


    “Are you f—ing serious?” the man, who was not identified, is heard screaming. “You shot my baby. Are you f—ing kidding me? Are you f—ing serious?”

    “She had a knife,” Reardon is heard saying. “She just went at her.”

    “She’s a f—ing kid, man,” the man responds. “Man, are you stupid? A f—ing kid?”

    Protests are already springing up and riots are likely.

    LeBron James, the world’s most oppressed man, identified the cop who shot Bryant and tweeted out an incitement to violence against the officer.


    The mayor of Chicago wants police to ask permission before engaging in a foot chase. Attorney General Merrick Garland promised to give the Minneapolis Police Department an enema. Nancy Pelosi supports Maxine Waters’ call for violence against the police.

    Being a cop is difficult under the best of circumstances. Now it’s nearly unbearable. Police actions are under a magnifying glass and all actions are accompanied by a guilty verdict no matter what. There is one solid way to reform policing.

    Don’t respond.

    Don’t interfere with knife fights. Don’t interfere with gun fights. Don’t interfere with riots (think Portland). Stop responding to any 911 calls in the cities and counties whose leaders call for defunding the police. Wait until it’s calm and the smoke has settled, as long as it takes. Then show up and take reports.

    It’s what they want. Give it to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phill4paul View Post
    Seriously. Show up, get a paycheck, spend on lap dances while on 'patrol.'
    This reform has pretty much been implemented in many large cities.
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    I would just ask that white communities be shown the same courtesy, of cops not responding to calls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTexan View Post
    I would just ask that white communities be shown the same courtesy, of cops not responding to calls.
    Yeah, well, I guess the next time you see someone not wearing a mask, you can just call a crackhead, then.

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