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Thread: What's the most challenging thing you've experienced this year?

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    What's the most challenging thing you've experienced this year?

    I know all of us had a struggle here and there. The masks, social distancing, all the anxiety caused by the news depicting the world to be crumbling. You name it! This year or since last year even, what's the most challenging thing you experienced?

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    It's challenging to turn your life upside down, like you have to give up everything you're used to that in just a snap, you are expected to live differently.

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    The most challenging thing for me is not telling the general public what a bunch of idiots they all are for listening to all the hyperbole dispensed by the MSM.

    It's good when you don't have to interact with idiots.

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    It is a sad day for me. Both of my brothers and MIL grandma got the shots even after I warned them. Next will probably be my nephews and nieces ...

    I hope they donít experience hypercytokinemia next flu season.
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    Hello you guys! Thanks for the responses. I know, it's pretty hard to convince people, especially our family who has a different point of view. I have an aunt who I'd say has been really really affected by all these. I don't know. I hate to think that she'd really lost it but we're still hoping to turn things around. We're convincing her to see a therapist, but she kind of took it negatively. She doesn't think she needs help. Has anyone of you had experience with therapists? Will it help?

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