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Thread: Tucker Vs. Pentagon: Is The Military A Social Justice Factory?#RonPaul

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    Tucker Vs. Pentagon: Is The Military A Social Justice Factory?#RonPaul

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    Tucker Vs. Pentagon: Is The Military A Social Justice Factory?

    Fox News Host Tucker Carlson ignited a firestorm last week when he questioned the use of pregnant women as fighter pilots. Though his comments focused on readiness, he was immediately slammed - and even threatened - by official Pentagon social media accounts for "denigrating" women in the military. Are "woke" senior military officers more interested in waging war against non-"woke" Americans, or preparing to defend this country?
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    Look at all those preggos! Nope, nevermind. Number of pregnant female Chinese soldiers in this parade: 0

    Good luck repelling a Chinese ground invasion with your social justice outrage. "This invasion is bigoted! We demand an immediate withdrawal of all Chinese troops from US soil or we will file a discrimination lawsuit in the International Criminal Court!!"

    Jesus Is Lord

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    Dave Smith Explains Why The Pentagon is Attacking Tucker Carlson
    In this clip from Part Of The Problem #710​ (​) Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein discuss the real reason why the pentagon is going after Tucker Carlson

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