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Thread: COVID-19 vaccines - 37% side effects

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    COVID-19 vaccines - 37% side effects

    That horrible coronavirus is quite harmless for the overwhelming majority of people.
    To me it doesn't make sense that these vaccines have been emergency approved, without a proper trial, that probably have worse effects than the virus in the first place.

    The following isn't anything like a "proper" study, but interesting nonetheless. It's based on the data of about 40,000 people, mostly healthcare workers, that have entered into a system whether they have tested positive for COVID-19, their vaccination status and adverse effects.

    A whopping 37% of people experienced adverse effects after the first dose, and 45% after the second jab. But not to worry (?!?), only 3% of people suffered adverse effects for more than 3 days.

    Also strange is that the people younger than 55 were more likely to experience whole body side effects than the over 55s (21% vs 14%). This was already seen in the 2 months trial. You would expect that younger people are healthier than older, so would suffer less from these vaccines.
    Strangely in this study, the adverse effects of vaccination were more severe for people, who had previously tested positive for COVID-19 (or maybe not as these are probably less healthy).

    Unfortunately no information on the difference in adverse effects between genders.
    Despite that there is not much to conclude from this "study", besides how it was set up, the information lacks specifics (I couldn't find a more detailed report on these results).
    It also doesn't make sense that only a small part of the 280,000 people that entered their data are included in this analysis. This could have been done to manipulate the outcome.

    The most important flaw in this report, is that there is no control group for comparison. It would be interesting to get information on general health status compared to the people that weren't vaccinated.
    The report stresses that this shows that the vaccine is really, really wonderful:
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