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    Dave Smith - In The White House - "YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice #153​

    "Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once more this week for a discussion on what to do when you've shot a venomous snake in your boat, Dave toying with the idea of running for the Libertarian Party nomination, where he would deport Luis J. Gomez to if elected, Michael's inevitable move out of New York and into "Williamsburg West", how the mainstream media would smear Dave if he ran for office, Michael's specific price and conditions to be Dave's campaign spokesperson, how to efficiently smack down anti-Libertarian arguments, the abundance of failures and atrocities committed by our government including the manmade humanitarian crises called war, Michael's favorite smear campaign ad published by Ron Paul, plus what happened to all the Ron Paul supporters, and so much more!

    Malice For Press Secretary

    I’ve agreed to be the official mouthpiece of the Dave Smith for President campaign at a rate of either 1BTC or 15ETH per month

    I will hodl all the funds until the 2024 election, except if I use some to buy a new home in Austin

    For full visibility, the wallets are here:

    BTC: 3C9m9GnrU8XXsrnYGHGCqzZVHbtgzakns3

    ETH: 0xF4F10cD27F1018916Ed8914D8199D1Df35aB2DE9

    Currently funding: Oct 2024-Nov 2024

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    The Biggest White Pill w/ Michael Malice [Part of the Problem #736]
    On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave Smith talks to Michael Malice about his new book, The Anarchist Handbook! Michael Malice discusses his goals for the book, his recent discussion with Lex Friedman and Yaron Brook, and the nature of morality in politics.

    Find The Anarchist Handbook here:

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    Dave Smith - In The White House 1.1 - "YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice #157
    "Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on the importance of centralizing an argument against systemic evils, a brief comparison between Friedman and Rothbard, what it takes to get a standing ovation out of Rothbard, what the "inefficiency" of the State actually means in practice, the difference between silencing speech and banning specific school curriculums, the dangers of teaching critical race theory to children, the abundance of logical fallacies being thrown around on Twitter, plus Michael's astonishment at the recent enigmatic success of The Anarchist Handbook and so much more!

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    Malice, or the Establishment? | Michael Malice | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4: E30
    On Season 4 Episode 30 of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Jordan Peterson is joined by Michael Malice.

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    Here's Michael doing great work speaking with Patrick Bet David on Valuetainment:

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    Dave Smith - In The White House 1.2 - "YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice #161
    "Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on his recent and overwhelmingly positive attendance of PorcFest, the inevitable apology tour that will occur if Michael or Dave gain control of the LP Twitter account, the trope going around that Dave is a cancer on the party, whether or not he will make the LP an inhospitable environment for some people, why it's more valuable to stick to your principles than to popular opinions, a professor who went viral for claiming that Stalin was a good listener, Dave's recent conversation with founder of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus, Michael Heise, wokeism's incredible infection rate and how the LP is about to be de-wokified, Michael's preference for a particular brand of sadism, plus an important lesson about hubris, a quote from RuPaul, and so much more!

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    The Leading Anarchist w/ Michael Malice - Part Of The Problem #758
    On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Malice discuss their hope for the future in a world that seems to be spiraling, the coming societal breaking point, and Michael tells us about one of his first red pilled moments, Check it out!

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    Michael Malice: Totalitarianism and Anarchy | Lex Fridman Podcast #200

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