Did not expect to hear old slogan at a GOP rally so soon, thought would take few months at least and would be at a Pence or other old fashioned Republican's rally.

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Another abrupt change could be GOP base ditching "Country First" and reverting back to "God, Family, Country" priorities model, an early indication may have been recent LGBTQ civil rights related development in Pence Country aka Indiana ( possibly ahead of Pence 2024 prep).

There may be relatively slower shifts also, GOP base could ditch MAGA same way as it ditched Bush-Cheney but within 1-2 years unlike alomost decade long stand with W Bush.
Latest Trump play while would exact some political revenge against for 'disloyal' Republicans who did not stand with him while powerful deep state globalist lobbies 'stole' election from his in a treacherous surprise move, it would make Trump 2024 almost impossible. Don Jr 2024 also seems unlikely due to his ties with progressive young neocons group TPUSA. More probable scenario appears to be of GOP ditching 'America First'/'Country First' and reverting back to "God, Family, Country' priorities model and Christian based right wing Republican run like Pence 2024 ahead (unless Pence bungled his chances in couple of weeks by disobeying established top GOP leadership).

MAGA wing trying to preempt Pence 2024 before Pence has a chance... or just temporary embrace of old GOP christian conservatives solgan to pander to local Southern crowd?

January 4, 2021
Donald Trump Rally Speech
Dalton, Georgia: Senate Runoff Election

Crowd: (00:00)

Donald Trump: (02:11)
Well, I want to thank you very much. Hello, Georgia, by the way. There’s no way we lost Georgia. There’s no way. That was a rigged election, but we’re still fighting it and you’ll see what’s going to happen. We’ll talk about it. I just want to thank you. This is some crowd. Biden was here today, also. They had 14 people in three cars. No, there was no way. I just want to thank you. I’ve had two elections. I won both of them. It’s amazing. I actually did much better on the second one. It’s great to be back in this incredible state, the home of hardworking patriots who believe in God, family and country. Tomorrow, each of you is going to vote in one of the most important runoff elections of the history of our country. Frankly, forget about runoff. One of the most important elections, really. It’s really not runoff. It’s elections because it’s a biggie. Our country’s depending on you. The whole world is watching the people of Georgia tomorrow. You’ve got to swamp them because everything’s so crooked around. I mean, and not here.