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Thread: Accept the Fact That Regardless of Outcomes, Elections Change Nothing!

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    Accept the Fact That Regardless of Outcomes, Elections Change Nothing!

    By Gary D. Barnett
    November 20, 2020


    So on to this current election, one that has taken over the minds of the people, mainly because of the purposeful division created by the rulers among the stupefied masses. One side is red, the other blue, and “never the twain shall meet.” This is the mantra of the collective herd of ‘duty’ bound Americans that are awaiting the outcome to find out who will take care of them, and tell them what they are allowed to do. You see the concept of ‘freedom’ in America today relies on rules, and on what is allowed to be normal. Most are clamoring, ‘please keep me safe, and I will do whatever I am ordered to do.’ Then the new normal becomes just that, a new normal that is everything that is completely abnormal. But this is how tyrants first frighten and then fool the gullible public, a public that now can barely function without instruction.

    Will it make any difference which evil trimmer is selected this time around? Of course not, except at the extreme margin. In the long run, and over time, there will be literally no difference whatsoever. I hear screaming from the Trump red camp about the risk of more lockdowns and mandatory vaccines, this coming from the same side that has just gone through lockdowns, threatened vaccines, and threats of military deployment to distribute vaccines as soon as available. Riots, looting, property destruction, assaults, murder, and forced job loss have occurred with no relief in sight during this administration. There have also been billions of dollars allocated to the perpetrators of this entire agenda; multi-trillions spent as well, all that money stolen from the lowly citizens.

    Yes, the other camp, the blue side, is extreme left wing, and is threatening lockdowns, vaccines, stronger enforcement with possible military involvement, and more spending, which will have to go a long way to match the red camp. Any new looting, riots, and property destruction, as well as extreme job loss will also continue, and spending will be out of control as the “Great reset’ continues to go forward. What this exposes is ridiculous hypocrisy, contradiction, and insanity. As I have always said, if no one voted, no one would be elected, and we would all be better off immediately. Once the control of life comes down to one side or the other, all of us lose, every single time. In my lifetime, liberty has diminished every year since I was born, regardless of who won elections, and I fully expect that trend to continue, as it has for most of the entirety of the history of this country. We are not unique in this idiocy, but have always claimed ‘superiority’ while going down the same destructive path over and over again; exposing what has been defined as insanity. Claiming greatness where none exists is no consolation whatsoever.


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    Americans had better wake up to this fact and start taking personal control, instead of waiting around like little sheep to see "which side wins". Nationalism versus Communism is promoted by politicians, which have nothing to do with Individual liberty and fiscal responsibility. Red Pill versus Blue Pill; when liberty is realized and felt from within and lives it each and every day, there is no need for either addictive life-threating drug.

    Do not comply to government testing. Stop wearing "Government Compliance Diapers". Do not abide by politicians "curfews". If you believe that you may be ill, go see your own private doctor and leave-me-out-of-it.
    “The right to life is the source of all rights—and the right to property is their only implementation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product, is a slave.”

    An Agorist Primer

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    Massive difference in tax policy between Republicans and Democrats. The direction tax policy takes will materially impact the trajectory of a person's life and could make millions of dollars of difference in the average person's wealth accumulated over a lifetime.

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