This is epic...I'm watching it and saying, "my god they are beating the $#@! out of this poor man".

Turns out, from the comments, the fellow is a professional stuntman in addition to being a railroad man.

The man in this film Is Mr. Glen Roper. He worked on the Union Pacific railroad in many capacities over the years. He had done some stunt work in movies (I don't know which ones) and had also on occasion performed as a professional wrestler as the "Masked Marvel". I met Mr. Roper in Los Angeles when I went to inquire about employment on the U.P. and he was in the personnel office at that time (Oct.1973) and I hired out as a laborer in Maintenance of Way. In 1974 I went into engine service and Mr. Roper was giving the rules classes to us. He had worked in train service for many years. He was very knowledgeable of many aspects of railroading. Those old heads from that generation were a bunch of tough , hard working people. They were an interesting bunch and I was glad to have had the opportunity to learn from them.