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Thread: Looking for resources to research investing in mining stocks

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    Looking for resources to research investing in mining stocks

    Feel free to make your own recommendations and why you like a specific miner (other than that you own it) but what I'd really like is some more or less neutral analysis of which mining stocks are the best.

    I feel like it is time to make a move
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    I do not own any .
    Do something Danke

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    They have performed quite well for the past year. Hopefully it’s not too late. As gold/silver prices rise, so should mining revenues. But if there is a recession, industrial demand tends to drop.

    GDX and RING are ETFs that invest in mining companies.

    Individual stocks are hard to pick. Many people stay with the biggest players. And as people use the ETFs so often, mining stocks that are included in ETF holdings tend to do better as far as stock price. Kind of like how being on a major index helps a companies stock price.

    You can start by researching individual stocks included in GDX and RING if you want to find an individual company.
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    I don't own mining stock; however, if I was going to invest in mining, I would seriously look at Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd. They were at nearly $21.00 a share. They own mining rights to a specific area of Alaska. Due to environmental group pressures, President Obama veto'd legislation allowing for their mine and it immediately stopped their planned mining operation. Without being able to mine, the company stock fell to the floor. It is now sitting somewhere around .55 cents a share. Just earlier this month, President Trump's EPA overturned former President Obama's veto, giving the company a green light to mine the area.

    Critics and environmentalist groups are howling at the decision, alleging this mine will completely decimate the local salmon population and fishery revenue.
    Northwest Alaska’s Red Dog Mine, the Interior region’s Fort Knox gold mine, and Southeast Alaska’s Greens Creek Mine, all excavated in the 1980s and 1990s, exist as mining operations that actually improved water quality and fish populations downstream (1). Each of these three coexists in a symbiotic relationship with Alaskan fishing operations. The proposed Pebble mine; however, is going to completely decimate the local salmon habitat and fishery revenue? Or perhaps an alternative supposition is the environmentalist organizations will no longer be able to legislatively stall the mining operation until their blackmail non-profit donation coffers are filled with mining revenue and their sour grapes are mass-producing salty tears. Anyway, their ticker symbol is NAK. As I don't invest in them, i've done no due diligence investment research, beyond what is listed above.

    (1) Aquatic Biomonitoring report for Greens Creek mine:

    Red Dog Mine:

    Fort Knox Gold Mine:

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    Yeah, I agree with you the GDX and Ring are the best mining stocks to invest in if you really want to find an individual company.

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    In the last few days I bought NEM, BTG, GOLD, and VGZ.

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    hot copper forum australia
    also on you tube places like Crux Investor, Coffee With Samso,
    InvestorIntel, Cambridge House, Resource Maven (Gwen Preston)
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