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Thread: Nigel Farage's Brexit Party polling at 34%!

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    Thumbs up Nigel Farage's Brexit Party polling at 34%!

    The Brexit Party is polling higher than the two major parties combined ahead of this month's European election.

    Nigel Farage's party are on course to get 34% of the votes, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

    Labour are on 21% and the Conservatives are in fourth place on 11%.

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    A ComRes poll for the Sunday Telegraph showed that if a Westminster general election were called, Labour would reap the largest share of the vote with 27%; the Brexit party would garner 20% ahead of the Conservatives on 19%. The Liberal Democrats would win 14%, followed by ChangeUK (7%) and the Greens (5%) with Ukip trailing on 2%

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    This is bad news for the EU in general.

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    Interesting. A lot of people around me, including some people I know from the UK are anti-Brexit... Because it will be bad for trade. I try to remind them that that may be so initially but solutions will be found. I personally think it will bring new opportunities for the UK and in the end their economy will be stronger. The major reason why I'm in favour of Brexit is; this was essentially a democratic revolt against a 'superpower'. Seceding from this kind of entanglement is rare, if it doesn't happen now, it likely will never happen.
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    a testy BBC interview...
    (srry @Warlord my bad!! )

    In an interview on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show, Farage said that while his party’s platform for the European elections was clear – push to leave without a deal – it would not have a formal manifesto, saying this had “a word association with ‘lie’”.

    Asked whether previous beliefs he has expressed could be seen as a pointer to the party’s direction, Farage responded angrily, saying: “This is absolutely ludicrous. I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview than this.” At another point, he asked: “What’s wrong with the BBC?”

    Farage denied he wanted to replace the NHS with private insurance, but said insurers could “take the burden off the NHS”.

    He added: “If I was encouraged to opt out of the system, to relieve the burden on the health service, I would do so gleefully.” Farage said the line of questioning was “really very boring”.

    he declined to say whether he still backed looser gun controls, saying: “This sums it up. I’ve been going round the country speaking to packed rallies every night. And do you know who’s not there? The BBC. And from this line of questioning I can see why.”

    Speaking later on the same show, the shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, said Farage had been evasive.

    “Nigel Farage doesn’t want to stand on his record, because his record is one of wanting to privatise the NHS, it’s on big tax cuts for the very rich and penalising working people in this country,” he said.

    Farage calls for private health firms to 'relieve burden on NHS'
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    Other than being unhappy with the BREXIT process, what does the party actually stand for? What possible solutions to the BREXIT do they have to offer? Are they a party of "nothing"?

    it would not have a formal manifesto
    Not having positions is actually a great move. People will think you have the same opinions they do and you have no promises to break. While just over half the votes cast on BREXIT favored it, they could not agree on just what leaving BREXIT would mean or how they would go about doing it.
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    don't worry Goldenequity, that interview was funny. Zippy will enjoy it.

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