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Thread: Sharyl Attkisson sues administration over computer hacking

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    Sharyl Attkisson sues administration over computer hacking

    Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has sued the Justice Department over the hacking of her computers, officially accusing the Obama administration of illegal surveillance while she was reporting on administration scandals.

    In a series of legal filings that seek $35 million in damages, Attkisson alleges that three separate computer forensic exams showed that hackers used sophisticated methods to surreptitiously monitor her work between 2011 and 2013.

    "I just think it's important to send a message that people shouldn't be victimized and throw up their hands and think there's nothing they can do and they're powerless," Attkisson said in an interview.

    The department has steadfastly denied any involvement in the hacking, saying in a 2013 statement: "To our knowledge, the Justice Department has never compromised Ms. Attkisson's computers, or otherwise sought any information from or concerning any telephone, computer, or other media device she may own or use."

    In the lawsuit and related claims against the Postal Service, filed in Washington, Attkisson says the intruders installed and periodically refreshed software to steal data and obtain passwords on her home and work computers. She also charges that the hackers monitored her audio using a Skype account.

    The award-winning reporter says she and her attorneys have "pretty good evidence" that these efforts were "connected" to the Justice Department. She said she was caught in a "Catch-22," forcing her to use the lawsuit and an administrative complaint to discover more about the surveillance through the discovery process and to learn the identities of the "John Does" named in the complaints.

    "The Justice Department has not been very forthcoming with questions," she said. "The question is, will anybody ever be held responsible?"

    The multimillion-dollar damage figure relates to her loss of privacy and that of her husband and family, she said.

    Attkisson learned through a Freedom of Information request that the FBI opened an investigation of the hacking case in May 2013, but says the bureau never interviewed her or even notified her of the probe.

    Attkisson resigned from CBS last March after complaining that she was increasingly unable to get her investigative stories on the air. She has published a best-selling book, "Stonewalled," about her battles against the network and the administration as she investigated stories on such subjects as Benghazi, Fast and Furious and ObamaCare.

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    How wonderful it would be if this turned into something and woke the public up. But in truth this will go no where and nothing will happen.

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    If you have 60 minutes, extremely informative, she's a very professional journalist:
    December 23, 2014 Sharyl Attkisson on Stonewalled

    Sharyl Attkisson talked about her book, Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment, in Obama’s Washington, an account of allegedly being obstructed, harassed, and surveilled by the Obama administration, progressive news outlets, and her own employers while pursuing information about White House policies and decisions in the Middle East.
    This was part of a week-long series with authors who have published books in the past year.

    Washington Journal Sharyl Attkisson Stonewalled | Video |
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