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Thread: Biden in Ukraine, War Surely to Follow

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    Biden in Ukraine, War Surely to Follow

    Biden in Ukraine, War Surely to Follow
    Written by Daniel McAdams - November 20, 2014

    US Vice President Joe Biden's plane has touched down in the Ukrainian capitol to meet with US-backed president, Petro Poroshenko, and prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk. If the past is prologue, we should expect a full-fledged assault by Kiev on the breakaway eastern part of the country to begin at anytime.

    Biden's last trip to Ukraine was in April, where he told unelected post-coup prime minister Yatsenyuk that "You will not walk this road alone. We will walk it with you." Within days of Biden's assurance of support, Kiev's offensive on eastern Ukraine markedly intensified. Soon thereafter, artillery shells fell on densely-populated civilian centers killing hundreds at a dramatically increased rate.

    The two Ukrainian leaders took power after a US and EU-backed coup overthrew the elected government in February. They are expected to again ask the US administration for the overt provision of deadly force to be used against those seeking independence in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.
    According to the most recent UN human rights report, "from mid-April to 18 November, at least 4,317 people were killed and 9,921 wounded in the conflict-affected area of eastern Ukraine."

    Last month, Human Rights Watch reported that the US-backed government in Kiev used internationally-condemned cluster bombs against civilians in eastern Ukraine.
    Children in eastern Ukraine are confined to basements as shells from Kiev fall overhead. The US has been silent about its proxies' role in the slaughter of civilians in east Ukraine.
    Expect the US vice president's visit to be the green light Kiev was waiting for to resume hostilities in the east.
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    "I'm from the US. I'm here to help you."

    The worst words a foreign country can possibly hear.

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