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Thread: The Cure for the Broken Monetary System by Jeffrey Tucker

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    The Cure for the Broken Monetary System by Jeffrey Tucker

    Here's the tease
    Before the housing market collapsed and the government pumped billions into the economy to save it, there was a programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto. And without much fanfare, he created an idea that’s in the process of changing the world. His idea was Bitcoin.

    Some background information is in order before I go any further.

    Think back to 2008. Real estate was in a free fall, and the devastation was most intensely felt by the largest banks and investment firms holding mostly worthless assets in the form of mortgage-backed securities. The lame-duck Bush administration was frantically lobbying to spend $800 billion to bail out the banks.

    To achieve this implausible goal, the Bush administration, along with its counterpart in the U.K., had to whip up a kind of hysteria. Administration officials warned of a melting financial world. Banks would die, ATMs would run out of money, goods would not ship, the monetary system would break down, and the U.S. was going the way of Iceland, which, at the time, ran out of purchasable groceries.

    Was it true? I never believed it. I had seen this kind of government-induced frenzy before, which the establishment was pushing through things like Homeland Security, or NAFTA, or other huge and decisive bills that met with massive public opposition. The establishment has to create an environment of fear in order to get the bill through Congress.

    Looking back at those days, it seems obvious now that this was a turning point in history, a time in which it became very clear to some very smart people in the world that the government’s system of financial and monetary management was broken. If an entire system could be brought down by declining house prices, is it really robust enough to support global economic growth into the future?

    Back to the faceless programmer, Satoshi Nakamoto. Around the same time, he was putting the finishing touches on his newly proposed currency, Bitcoin.
    Check the link for the meat and potatoes, great article.

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    Jeffrey Tucker is bad ass.

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