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Thread: Global RESERVE currency as opposed to global currency

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    Global RESERVE currency as opposed to global currency

    I was digging around RT and came across this article from 2011 about a global Reserve currency, which is just a slick covert means to eventually implement a global currency in the future. This Nobel Prize winning UN/NWO goon spewing about Bretton Woods will make you damage something so I'll give you an overview and a link if you dare..... Basically, due to the intelligent backlash over the global currency idea, they believe they should setup a global RESERVE currency which all central banking countries would use. Again, this is not a global currency, yet it is more insidious since people wouldn't realize what is really happening. People would continue to use their normal fiat currencies, completely unaware that it is turned into this even worse NWO currency once deposited, and "they", whatever you want to call them, would have more power and control than ever. Very covert. Thankfully people are wising up to the Euro scheme and realizing they don't want to work six days a week to keep the things they don't even own anyways. This just gives you some insight into the covert and overt means they will go to get their ways and why we must always be watching. They apply both covert and overt simultaneously and whatever the public accepts is a win and they just keep moving full steam ahead. Here's the link if you can stomach the short interview.
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    Ron Paul suggested a very good first step to the process of restoring sound money... It was beautiful. It left them all standing with their fiats out.
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    ... which all central banking countries would use ...
    The problem isnt just a lack of Gold Based Currency, the problem is Central Banks, period. By this proposed correction, the Central Banks would still own the gold, and as we all know, he who has the gold, makes the rule. They will still control ALL currency and ALL governments. Thus, the Real Solution is to eliminate Central Banks and put the value of the currency, the REAL wealth of the world back into the hands of the people that created the things of value; the People.
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    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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