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Thread: MSM blackout - COUNTERATACK (contingency plan) aka "stick it to them" aka "bitter pill"...

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    MSM blackout - COUNTERATACK (contingency plan) aka "stick it to them" aka "bitter pill"...

    Main stream media is still single most effective vay to reach voters (especially those who Ron Paul still didnt reached). I see that on this forum many people say things like: "it doesnt matter","we will win withouth them","they cant touch us" etc. This is wrong. It is so wrong that it could cost Ron Paul nomination. Look at history:

    Internet is some sort of amplifier of what MSM broadcast and it can not amplify something that doesnt exist. This year history repeats it self:
    I am strong beliver in motto:"Hope for the best but prepare for the worst". We shouldnt just sit and say "there is nothing we can do". Why dont we put some pressure on them? I saw in 2 topics people discussing how to fight back allready:
    We can and should fight them!I suggest we make plans how to fight.It is good to be prepared.
    This plan little or no financing (first draft):
    Phase 1:
    Collecting information and building huge contact database:
    -email, faxes etc. of every media (TV,radio,amatuer radio,newspaper, hologram,TV shows,radio shows,every reporter...) in USA.
    -contact information on every group that deals with censorship, freedom of the press, union of journalists, goverment agencies etc.( ; ; ..)
    -contact information on everyone who is remotly responsible or influential on this issue
    -Jon Stewart
    Get the facts!
    Send emails to MSM and goverment agencies etc. about all the polls, statistics and information they got about this issue. Collecting every single case when media discriminated and blacked out Ron Paul. Do a research of laws in USA. Maybe some MSM did something illegal. I know that laws in USA are different from state to state so it would need some researching.
    Phase 3:
    Drafting and editing email with all the facts.Project manager would need to really really careful so that email doesnt look like whining and moaning.(Probably) it shouldnt be too aggresive either.

    Phase 4:
    Put it in safe and have it there "just in case"

    Phase 5:
    If it is decided to launch this we need someone who got credibility to sign the letter. Maybe it would be free to sign for everyone....

    Every time "they" say something that is not true people must start demanding correction and reporting them (I know there is agency for this or some authority or something).

    Other things like petitions might help:

    This way we would introduce Ron Paul and his ideas to new networks of people!!!! People who spend their life and are payed to spread news and ideas. 1 journalist that we get on our side would keep spreading the message and would attract more new voters.

    Here other Ideas how to take action:

    -boycott sponsors of shows that are anti Ron
    -stop visiting web pages and watching MSM media...
    -infojam: spam information on medias pages (facebook,twitter,youtube etc...)

    -mailing media and their sponsors your disapproval or their actions.
    -give negative rewievs of persons books on amazon and works other sites (me like this one fun and "evil" ) and positive to friends
    -post on forums about ron paul (we are most active online anyway)
    -send news to local media (they will publish it)
    -ask for your local conservative station to put friendly shows instead "others"(like replacing Mark Levin with Jerry Doyle)
    -letters to the Editor of newspapers!!

    the Michael Moore route: Create a documentary and play it in theaters.

    Actions work:

    20.december.2012 my google search on ron paul under sections everything and news for first 2 pages had only negative posts.(excluding Rons official page)

    Something can be done and should be done....
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    For more info. or to help spread the word, go to the promotion thread here.

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