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Thread: Talk to me about the Ruger 22

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    Talk to me about the Ruger 10/22

    I'm thinking of getting a Ruger 10/22. Any opinions on it? I've heard good things so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rael View Post
    I'm thinking of getting one. Any opinions on it? I've heard good things so far.
    Which one?

    A Mark III would be nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcosmar View Post
    Which one?

    A Mark III would be nice.
    Bah, I should have clairified. I meant the 10/22 rifle.

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    The 10/22 is probably the best all around .22 LR semi-automatic on the market. I have one, and I use it regularly for all manner of small game hunting, general target shooting, and it can even be used for home defense. One .22 won't stop a man all by itself, but 100 round magazines are available for the 10/22 and it can be fired at a rate of about 5 rounds a second by a practiced shooter.
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    buy it, not the stainless steel version

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    Dont have one of those but I have a mini 14 and I love it.. Ruger makes some great firearms.
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    I have heard a lot of mixed opinions about these rifles. I have never shot one, so cannot speak from first hand perspectives.

    That said, Thompson Center's 22 rifle is an absolute tack driver. For the money, perhaps the best 22 on the planet... but still not inexpensive at something like $350. It is, however, phenomenally accurate.

    Another, lower cost alternative is the Remington 597. I will not buy Remington on principle, but I have shot this rifle and was holding 1" groups at 100 yards on a bipod with no effort. I was impressed.
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    I've had a couple Rugers- a 9mm and a .357.
    Both good guns.
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    Both the 10/22 rifle and the Mark series pistol are recommended (well, not recommended exactly, but used in competition, which is more convincing to me) by the U.S. Olympic Team. Don't know what more you need to know. Except that the company has a sterling reputation for quality.

    Don't have a 10/22 as I get by with an old rifle I got from my father, and sentiment trumps all. That said, I do love putting thirty rounds in a two liter bottle from fifty yeards just because the Ruger Mark II and I can. If you can put a bullet right where you want it, the .22 LR round and a Ruger are in my opinion the way to do it.
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