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Thread: Gold in 401k

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    Gold in 401k

    Is there a way to invest in solid gold and silver coins or bullion in your 401k?

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    PHYS and PSLV are funds that hold gold or silver. GLD, SLV, SGOL and SIVR are also ETFs that hold gold or silver. I would go with SGOL or SIVR, though some conspiracy theorists will tell you they do not hold the physical.
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    "Paper is poverty,... it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself." --Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1788.

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    Depends on your 401k account. Is it a full brokerage account? Or are you limited to just a select group of funds?

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    Precious Metals In Your IRA

    Are You Tired Of Risking All of Your Hard-Earned Retirement Money In The Stock Market?

    You’ve worked hard to secure your retirement income for the future, but there are uncertain economic conditions, both in the United States and world-wide. There is volatility in the stock market and a weakening U.S. Dollar. Are these factors putting your hard-earned dollars at risk?

    APMEX Can Help You Diversify Your Holdings And Add A Defensive Asset To Your Portfolio.

    It is simple and easy to rollover all or any portion of your stock based IRA into a Precious Metal IRA. Precious Metals are widely regarded as a “defensive asset,” that can provide a level of safety for your principal during volatile times. That is because Precious Metal price movements are often contrary to the stock market’s movements. Precious Metals may also provide a level of diversification to your stocks, bonds and mutual funds and diversification is widely considered a prudent course of action. You may purchase gold, silver, platinum or palladium and hold your investments in an Individual Retirement Account. Many experts recommend that at least 5 - 10% of your retirement dollars be invested in precious metals.

    You Get Combined Expertise For A Winning Retirement Strategy.

    At APMEX, we are your experts in Precious Metals. We work closely with the leading IRA custodians that have a respected record of accomplishment and meet our strict standards for IRA custodial partners. This combined level of expertise greatly benefits you, our customer. We will gladly help you select the IRA custodian that meets your specific individual needs.

    To Establish Your Precious Metal IRA Account Today, We Recommend:

    Entrust New Direction IRA, Inc.
    1070 W Century Drive, Suite 101
    Louisville, CO 80027
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    GoldStar Trust Company | Self-Directed IRA Custodian
    P O Box 719
    Canyon, Texas 79105
    (800) 486-6888 Toll Free
    (806) 655-2530 fax

    View Other Entrust Locations

    Sterling Trust Company
    PO Box 2526
    Waco, TX 76702-2526
    (800) 955-3434 Toll Free
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    Self Directed IRA Services, Inc.
    600 Congress Ave., Suite 400
    Austin, TX 78701
    (866) 928-9394 Toll Free
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    APMEX offers you a variety of items that are permitted in Precious Metal IRAs. These including, but are not limited to:

    APMEX 10oz. & 100oz. .999 Fine Silver Bars
    Engelhard & Johnson Matthey .999 Fine Silver Bars
    Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof American Silver, Gold, and Platinum Eagles (Uncirculated & Proof),
    Brilliant Uncirculated Gold Buffalos
    Canadian Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Maple Leafs
    Austrian Gold and Silver Philharmonics
    Gold (.999+ fine) bars and rounds manufactured by a NYMEX or COMEX-approved refiner/assayer
    Silver (.999+ fine) bars and rounds manufactured by a COMEX-approved refiner/assayer
    Platinum (.9995+ fine) and Palladium (.9995+ fine) bars and rounds manufactured by a NYMEX-approved refiner/assayer
    In addition to many other items.

    We’ve made it easier than ever to rollover your existing IRA or open a second IRA through our established working relationships with our trusted IRA custodians. We work exclusively with these IRA companies because of their stellar reputations within the industry.

    After your IRA account is opened, you may place an order for precious metals directly with APMEX. Please be sure to let us know your purchase is for your IRA account. We will send the invoice to your IRA custodian for payment and ship the precious metals directly to the IRA custodian’s approved depository for safekeeping.

    This partnership ensures you have a smooth, easy and pleasant experience when setting up your precious metals IRA. You can also visit our IRA FAQ page to answer any other questions you may have about setting up your account. You may call us and speak with a trained Precious Metal IRA Specialist, who will be glad to assist you.

    Don’t Wait Any Longer! Safeguard Your Retirement!
    The Markets Remain Unsettled and the Economy is Uncertain.

    While the economic conditions remain volatile, your money is in jeopardy. Establish, transfer or rollover your Precious Metal IRA account today by calling us toll free at 800-418-0235 or emailing your questions to us at

    All IRA purchases must be done over the telephone, so Call Us Today at (800) 418-0235 and you will receive a level of reassurance and help you in regaining control over your retirement funds.

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    Thanks for the information.
    You gave me a good starting point.

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    whatever you do, do not hold your precious metals investments in any traceable account! One of the greatest benefits to holding physical silver/gold is that it is wealth that can't be traced and is very easy to move. Don't take that benefit away from yourself by investing in a 401k. Save your 401k for the other investments.

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