A co worker passed this to me it is very interesting.

Governor Romney thought the same thing in Massachusetts in 2006. I saw it – right there in the New York Times:

The bill does what health experts say no other state has been able to do: provide a mechanism for all of its citizens to obtain health insurance.

"This is really a landmark for our state because this proves at this stage that we can get health insurance for all our citizens without raising taxes and without a government takeover. The old single-payer canard is gone."

But wait. I’d heard that before. In the New York Times. In 1998:

Massachusetts last week ventured where no state had gone before: It guaranteed health insurance for every resident.

The plan requires that by 1992 every employer of six or more pay $1,680 per worker per year for insurance. The employer may buy the insurance directly for his workers and their dependents, thereby earning a tax credit...The Massachusetts plan recognizes the value of an employer-based approach, which it would expand by forcing more businesses either to insure or pay.

That time was under Governor Dukakis. He was going to be the last one to deal with health care reform, too. Just so you know, the rate of uninsurance in Massachusetts was 8.4% in 1998 around the time of the first “unique” reform and 5.5% in 2008, after two times they said they were going to achieve universal coverage. I don’t think they understood the concept of “fixed”.
It goes on to show several more similar examples.

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