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Thread: Help in Attending September 2nd Rally!

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    Arrow Help in Attending September 2nd Rally!

    Hello everyone!

    Since I have been very involved and active in my first political anything when I first heard about Ron Paul... I now wanna take it to the next step and try and make it to the unvieling of the Campaign For Liberty in Minneapolis on the 2nd.

    We have a small group of people trying to get a plan together and rent some vehicles to caravan up from the great state of Kentucky.

    Basically what I am looking for and why I am coming here is to find a contact in the Minneapolis Area to help us coordinate housing and or hotel accomodations as close to the University as possible. It does appear nearly everything you can do online is booked up anywhere near the 2nd which is due to the Republican Convention but It would be so much easier for us to find someone we can trust in the area to help us find things that we may not be able to find online or even know about all the way down here in Kentucky.

    So if anyone is interested in helping our group plan coming to the Campaign for Liberty rally then please PM me or send out an e-mail to "jgroland" "@" "" (Removed the quotes and spaces to send me an e-mail)

    Thanks so much!

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    Read this thread. Many of us are planning to camp about a half hour south of St. Paul, and I think enough of us will have vehicles that transportation to the convention will not be a problem.

    If camping is not your thing then we understand but the weather should be good in Minnesota that time of year and you'd be surrounded by a lot of fellow RP supporters.

    In addition, I plan on making the trip from southwest VA, so it might help one or both of us if I teamed up with you guys to make the trip and save some gas money.
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    Yeah I have heard of one of the many groups planning for the trip but We want to try and be as organized as possible and we would like to guarantee that we have transportation when we get there so we will probably undertake getting several passenger vans. We would be glad to give you a ride and have you be in our group but you would have to make it to the Northern Kentucky area first and then when we got back you would have to have another way home....

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    Northern Kentucky is right along the way for me, if I drove myself I'd go through West Virginia and northern Kentucky to Cincy anyway. If it's not too much hassle I can just park somewhere and grab my car when we get back, but we have plenty of time to think about that.

    Sorry about the private message, I wanted to make sure you read it
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    You're not making the claim that there's no objective best diet, are you?

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    Yeah I am sure this will work out, im not the one exactly in charge for our group but I was the one who got the idea to go in everyones head so, if you want to go ahead and send me your contact info such as home an cell phone numbers and e-mail address I will put you on our contact list for info concerning our trip and we will keep you informed on what is going on.

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    I wonder if I should start a Kentucky group Chipin to collect donations to help send us from Kentucky to the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Rally.???

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