General George Armstrong Custer
Little Big Horn, 1876

Custer's Last Stand

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Florida, 2008

Giuliani's Last Stand
Another One Bites the Dust

Rudy we hardly knew ye

Final Rudy Act

Neither last stand turned out well.

But RON PAUL still stands strong like Stonewall Jackson!

There stands Ron Paul like a stone wall

Ron Paul is in great shape to garner significant delegates Super Tuesday, in advance of a brokered GOP national convention

Upcoming Events:

CNN California Debate Tonight [JAN 30]

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Ron Paul’s Last Stand in the Main Stream Media

February 1st Moneybomb
Ron Paul's 51st wedding anniversary

Maine Caucus Februray 2
Ron Paul Can Win Maine

Ron Paul Super Bowl TV Ads running in many Super Tuesday states [FEB 3]
Super Bowl Sunday Commercials for Ron Paul are available here!

Super Tuesday Preview

Ron Paul ad airing on Arkansas TV stations

Ron Paul Is the Tortoise

Winning Super Tuesday

Ron Paul polling at 11% as Third Party candidate in four-way race w/ Bloomberg

The Potential Impact of a Ron Paul or Michael Bloomberg Independent or Third Party Campaign