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    Today, 07:40 AM
    It's not just the vaccine. To me, that's just a sacramental rite of the religion. The religion is the State. And there are lots of tenets of that religion: You must cede your individuality and wealth to the State; Unless you publicly flog yourself, you will be responsible for the end of the Earth, whether by pandemics or climate; Your personhood is not as important as your skin color or sexual preferences; You must never offend a member of this religion - they are off limits - heretics are free game, though; You are a sinner if you were born with any advantages and the only way to absolve yourself is to take advantages away from other people; All atrocities are permitted if done in the name of the almighty State; All free speech must be tolerated unless it veers slightly from the State-approved speech. It's really a sick religion, but you'll never convince their adherents.
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    Today, 07:00 AM
    What would be REALLY helpful is if he could have remembered the "mind-boggling, Nobel-prize-winning" study he mentioned. I went out to PLOS One and I'm not sure I found it. Perhaps, this is the one??
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    Today, 04:25 AM
    Wouldn't body language reading be kind of like Minority Report predicting? Would you want someone saying that you are this or that based on your body language? It is obviously up for interpretation. If people cannot even agree on what a person's words said or meant, how can we rely on what the meaning of their body language says? Body language interpretation is good when a person agrees with the assessment but what happens when the assessment is 180 off their belief? My comment is not supportive of Fauchi but against someone acting like they can know you based on your reaction.
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    Yesterday, 06:55 PM
    Discussed here as well….
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    07-24-2021, 06:12 PM
    I saw a rotund woman today wearing a "I trust in Fauci" Tee shirt.
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    07-24-2021, 12:30 PM
    bv3 posted a visitor message on Voluntarist's profile
    Genes code proteins with mRNA. Artificial mRNA codes proteins. Ergo, artificial mRNA is gene therapy (artificial gene, artificial protein.)
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    07-24-2021, 11:34 AM
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    07-23-2021, 06:52 PM
    Why does this feel like Bilbo vs. Smeagol?
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    07-23-2021, 02:20 PM
    See? And you still have five places to plug things in.
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    07-23-2021, 01:39 PM
    Maybe they have plans to use electric pumps, supplied with power from the hydroelectric system. Then again, how about they just use electric tank trucks to move the water in the first place? :p Then again, they could just pump the water back up to the top of the dam after it goes through the hydroelectric system.
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    07-23-2021, 01:14 PM
    I'm not a religious man, but is this God's way of plaguing California behavior? In ancient times, the people would be sacrificing virgins by now.
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    07-23-2021, 01:11 PM
    Coming to an employer near you??
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    07-23-2021, 10:48 AM
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    07-22-2021, 04:46 PM
    A high capacity clip... Do they sell those at a CLIP joint?
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    07-22-2021, 02:57 PM
    I don't mind that, as long as they don't ban high capacity magazines.
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    07-22-2021, 11:28 AM
    Meanwhile... This is what a focus on "social justice" gets you. More discontent and separation. Well-played, Marxists. Well-played.
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    07-22-2021, 11:20 AM
    Yet, another unintended consequence... Welp, looks like we gotta lockdown forever.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    07-22-2021, 10:01 AM
    I'd encourage anyone to go actually read the reporting of that MIT study. It's rather laughable. They used empirical data to show that people choose their own narratives and then use data to support them, but then they totally miss the fact that they're doing the same exact thing! Even when confronted with the fact that their empirical data was in conflict with their narratives, they just recrafted their narrative slightly to account for the new data. So, instead of "these people are wrong because they aren't working with facts", it turned into "these people are only selecting which facts support their biases". Totally missing the fact they did the same thing. For example... They call them "anti-masking" groups, rather than pro-freedom groups. And they forget their own observer bias in their "deep lurking". So, they obfuscate that the people pushing the mainstream narratives are doing the EXACT same thing. But because they believe that narrative and have deemed it as "truth", there's no need for a study.
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  • cjm's Avatar
    07-21-2021, 07:42 PM
    Sounds like secession. I'm all for it. Hoping northern Virginia follows suit.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    07-21-2021, 07:23 PM
    Now they will have to import some Africans to fill those zones.
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  • cjm's Avatar
    07-21-2021, 10:29 AM
    cjm replied to a thread Space Tourist Tax in U.S. Political News
    So "billionaire" takes a couple of petri dishes with him and it's now for science.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    07-21-2021, 09:44 AM
    I wish I could share your confidence. There have been a whole host of bureaucrats lying to congress and the public about this thing for a year and a half... Nothing ever happens to them. Fauci is just the highest profile, but the media has his back.
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  • GlennwaldSnowdenAssanged's Avatar
    07-21-2021, 05:33 AM
    This is not good for people. All that will come of it is the narrative that it is not safe to be in contact with others ever. Social distance and lock down forevermore.
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  • bv3's Avatar
    07-20-2021, 11:18 PM
    indeed. Pointing out to some leftists that they received a vaccine from a tech company (moderna) has had some success. But only in the thinking types.
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  • bv3's Avatar
    07-20-2021, 11:02 PM
    How? The state of the country is such that most people have abandoned knowledge for belief. We could get a clip of Fauci and Gates giggling over Gain of Function research at Wuhan, and the imminent boon to their respective portfolios, and I doubt it would gain any purchase that wouldn't be written off, out of hand, as "anti-vaxxer white supremacist et al." I am frustrated because my lack of art combined with a frantic, neurotic, and contradiction-filled, mind makes me somewhat impotent. They will sacrifice Fauci if it comes to it. But that will not change anything. Quick glance at twitter confirms other suspicions: most people just root for their guy, the actual content of any exchange is irrelevant.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    07-20-2021, 07:24 PM
    To be fair, that was one of the few good things Trump did. For all of his other faults, his administration took a pretty aggressive (albeit, temporary) axe to lots of regulations. To me, the problem isn't the jab, it's the way the corporate government is pushing it that's creepy. Hell, if people want to take an experimental shot of something because they're afraid of getting sick, more power to 'em. Natural selection and all. But when the state gets involved - watch the FUCK out! If this was a real health crisis, you wouldn't need to spend billions to get people to take it. You wouldn't have to "control the messaging" (p.s. the idea that a government can, or should, even attempt to get involved with, never mind control, the messaging between free people is something you'd think more people would have a problem with.) It's all a joke. The corporate state owns the societal consciousness. No amount of reduced regulation is gonna stop that. I suppose that we could take solace in the fact that if a sinister nation ever weaponizes a "vaccine", we can count on the mentally-weak to be the first to line up for it. Maybe then, we'll cull the herd.
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    Please stop trying to "out" Erowe1. Let it go.
  2. I know. Like I said I was going to yank your chain but realized that in the current circumstances it would be bad taste even for me.
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    At least until every county or so willingly decided to submit to Christ, which I think will happen eventually because I'm a postmillennialist.
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    I wish things were a lot more local too. I'm really not looking for a country of 300 million at all. I think that's too big. Those who didn't want to live by Christian law could live somewhere else and choose God's judgment over his blessings.
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    And while I do believe the BIble requires civil authorities to punish homosexuality, and with death as the maximum penalty, I don't think it would be legitimate even for the government to just round up people in a gay bar.

    My reasons on the bearing arms bit are much closer to yours (resistance against tyranny.)
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    To be perfectly clear, I absolutely oppose vigilantism. I know you were joking around but I just want you to be clear on where I stand.
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    Will you kindly give a tongue lashing to the racist of the board, AmericanSpartan? Thank you. I'd like to see it.
  8. Sorry, but you have failed. That verse does not contain the words "Grace is irresistible." You can interpret it that way, but that's not what the verse says. You had to admit there was "relational language" in the Bible. Yet you have stuck to your guns that there isn't a verse that says "Have a relationship with Jesus." Likewise there is no verse that says "Grace is irresistible." If you were honest you would simply admit that. But you aren't honest.
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    Acts 13:48
    And when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord, and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.
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How Ron Paul could smack down Iran critics

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:34 AM
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Ron needs to quit playing defense and go on offense. It's not enough to say "the Soviet Union was worse than Iran." If he could point out the following documented facts it would shut the naysayer up for good or at least make them back-peddle.

1) In 2003 Iran was the only Muslim country to help us fight and remove the Taliban from power.

See: Jane's Defense Weekly India joins anti-Taliban coalition. "India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA

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The new bill of rights.

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:33 AM
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This parody is an attempt to "rewrite" the bill of rights in keeping with the current application by our criminal government. Original text will be in italics followed by a list of possible options.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government

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Federal Reserve advised gold standard for Russia

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:32 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
I ran across this information by accident (providence?) while looking for something else. The first link is an essay from Jude Wanniski who went with fed governor Wayne Angell to Moscow right after the collapse of the soviet union. Note that Angell advocated the new Russia to go to a gold backed currency! The second link is an online Google book from the Mises institute that talks about the same essay. I've excerpted the essay bellow. (It's too long to post directly). It's interesting to note

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Washington Post 2002 : The U.S. pushed jihad on Afghan schoolchildren.

by jmdrake on 09-13-2011 at 01:15 PM
Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad
Violent Soviet-Era Textbooks Complicate Afghan Education Efforts

By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, March 23, 2002; Page A01

In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

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