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    Yesterday, 10:21 PM
    This seems like reverse glory hole made for t.v. https://www.cnet.com/news/sexy-beasts-trailer-reveals-new-netflix-dating-show-and-you-kinda-just-have-to-see-it/ I could try to explain Netflix's dating series Sexy Beasts, but it's probably better if you just watch the trailer, OK? Sexy Beasts is a reality show in which singletons go on dates to meet their soulmate. But to make sure they're focusing on personality rather than looks, the twist is that both lovelorn singles are decked out in high-quality prosthetics to look like colorful animals, aliens and, um, possibly sea creatures?
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    Yesterday, 08:44 PM
    https://www.mensjournal.com/entertainment/the-prophet-of-paranoia-20150909/ Say what you will about John McAfee — and people say a lot of nasty things — but he was one of the first nerds to warn the world of an impending computer-security crisis, a pioneer whose paranoia served a legitimate purpose. Long before the Y2K freak-out, he — after stints as a computer programmer at Lockheed and NASA — built McAfee Associates out of his home in the late 1980s, creating an antivirus program for corporations before most companies knew what a virus was. At first, he gave it away to individuals, then he began to license it to companies. Oh, and he had the self-promotional skills of a young Johnny Knoxville. He transformed an RV into a Ghostbusteresque antivirus mobile unit, arriving in the parking lots of threatened firms. In 1997, he warned of the coming Michelangelo virus and claimed it would destroy whole corporations. It turned out to be just a computer fart in the wind. By then it didn’t matter. McAfee sold his shares in McAfee Associates for $100 million. McAfee lives by the Liberty Valance credo: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” He moved to Belize in 2008 and, depending on his mood, told reporters that he was either seeking to create antibiotics out of natural herbs, developing female Viagra, or manufacturing bath salts, a synthetic hallucinogenic. (Regarding the last claim, McAfee later said he was just pulling the chains of reporters.) What isn’t up for debate is that McAfee had a posse of teenage girls living with him*. They were misfits, runaways, and troublemakers; one pulled a gun on him. (His stay in Belize is so notorious that there is a libidinous, perhaps insane, gun-wielding character living in Belize in novelist Jonathan Franzen’s upcoming Purity that bears a resemblance to McAfee.) Ask him what he was thinking when he decided to shack up with a harem one-third of his age, and McAfee will flash a devilish smile and say simply he was single and having fun. The “fun” took a sour turn in April 2012, when a Belizean SWAT team raided his island estate looking for criminal activity and shot and killed his dog. That November, his American expat neighbor was murdered by gunshot.
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    Yesterday, 08:10 PM
    Yep, everything is being tagged as some form of justice. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/ecocide-mass-environmental-damage-may-become-an-international-crime/ar-AALmGVl?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=W022 Tuesday marked a “historic” moment for climate justice advocates. An internationally collaborative panel of lawyers published a new legal definition for “ecocide,” the mass destruction of the environment, reports The Guardian. What is ecocide? A new legal definition of ecocide was unveiled Tuesday after months of work. The definition aims to be general while targeting large-scale acts of environmental harm, not small daily activities most people participate in that contribute to environmental harm over the long term, says The Guardian. The draft legislation defines ecocide as “unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts,” per NBC News.
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    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    Senate approval will be no problem as every single one of them will "honor" their fallen beloved former senator by appointing his widow. https://www.yahoo.com/news/president-joe-biden-nominates-cindy-234945586.html Cindy McCain, who has long used her voice for humanitarian causes worldwide, is President Joe Biden’s pick as the U.S. representative to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture, where she would help combat global hunger. The post would take McCain — a lifelong Arizona Republican and widow of longtime U.S. Sen. John McCain, 2008 Republican presidential nominee and celebrated Vietnam prisoner of war — from her home in north-central Phoenix to Rome. The position, which had been in the works for months, requires approval from the U.S. Senate, where her husband served for decades until his death in 2018. The White House sent the nomination to the Senate on Wednesday.
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    Yesterday, 07:27 PM
    https://ca.news.yahoo.com/john-mcafee-clinton-fbi-either-165235625.html I was watching the interrogation with lukewarm interest up to the point that the congressman asked Comey if the FBI was aware of Paul Combetta's enquiry on Reddit about how to strip an email address from a server's email data base. Mr Combetta, by the way, is the technical expert who ultimately deleted 33,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails. Two points stood out. Firstly, Comey was not sure that the FBI was aware of Combetta's post on Reddit. He knew Clinton's email address had been removed but he believed that the emails were still intact. Secondly, Combetta testified that Clinton was afraid that her email address would be given to the public. So he removed it from the emails. Now, any competent software engineer can take the above two conditions and will come to the same conclusion that I reached: Clinton, or someone in her staff, came up with the bright idea of stripping all of the headers from her emails, rendering the remaining texts virtually useless. They would have no "from" or "to" fields, no date stamps, no time stamps, and no information on who may or may not have been copied on the emails – and, it could be done, seemingly in a legal fashion, by stating "we only removed Hillary's email address for privacy reasons".
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    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
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    06-22-2021, 08:57 PM
    I got a hard on! and I didn't know my dick still worked!
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    06-21-2021, 10:45 PM
    Still does not explain why the Titans are pictured when the story relates to Nassib as a Raider. and it is not the picture Drudge has posted either. GAY IN NFL NASSIB FIRST OUT
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    06-21-2021, 09:44 PM
    In other news: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/olympic-athlete-vows-to-win-medal-in-order-to-burn-a-us-flag-on-the-podium/ar-AALhxR0?ocid=msedgntp Olympic athlete vows to win medal in order to 'burn a US flag on the podium' Michael Lee 8 hrs ago BMX freestyle Olympian Chelsea Wolfe said it was her goal to win a medal in the Tokyo Olympics so she could “burn a US flag on the podium."
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    06-21-2021, 08:19 PM
    Curious, why is there a picture of the Titans when Nassib plays for the Raiders?
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    06-21-2021, 08:14 PM
    The First Trans Olympian.
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    06-21-2021, 08:11 PM
    I stopped watching pro sports decades ago. The only thing I watch is the World Cup every four years.
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    06-21-2021, 07:32 AM
    https://www.yahoo.com/gma/waitress-abducted-assaulted-chasing-5-111231584.html A waitress was allegedly abducted and assaulted by a group of five people after chasing them down when they walked out on their $70 bill. The incident occurred at approximately 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, June 19, at the Nifty Fifty’s in Turnersville located in Washington Township, New Jersey, when police say the 20-year-old waitress was taken away in a vehicle for a short time after confronting a group she had served in the restaurant, according to ABC News’ Philadelphia station WPVI.
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    06-21-2021, 04:23 AM
    In basic terms he is talking about big data being integrated with society and governments on a global scale. Everything will become integrated including people, business, government, production, labor, etc ... Think of this as the Internet of things (I.O.T.) and the interconnectedness of everything to the next level. This sort of thing will require either a great coordination between governments but obviously would be more efficient under one world government and banking entity. Resources and means of production will be managed and the dictate/mandate will come from unelected officials (unaccountable) and passed through middle management (our elected leaders) and ultimately down to us. In order to get this level of coordination everything must be able to be tracked, numbered, coded in some way so that it can be managed throughout the system that it becomes a part of. I think ultimately we will be chipped, probably with quantum dots https://news.mit.edu/2019/storing-vaccine-history-skin-1218 or similar type of convenient technology. Anyone unprepared will be left in the dust, this will come at such a blistering speed you better get your head wrapped around it. Now, introduce the A.I. aspect of all this. A.I. either as the robot form but probably more in the program form will be the interface between the biological world and the digital one. Humans, will merely be subjects that A.I. will use to interpret and analyze the biological world these algorithms live in. The world will become a managed society(ies) probably much like the direction China is heading to with facial recognition pay systems, social scoring, etc ... these things will limit (or permit) your ability to thrive in this new society. This is why he mentions Asia as a model for what is to come.
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    06-20-2021, 04:15 PM
    Don't fall for it! It's a trap to use sex appeal to join the Borg.
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    06-20-2021, 02:30 PM
    How about "Government Minimalist"
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    06-20-2021, 01:41 PM
    If only there was some kind disease like a virus that would kill mostly elderly and/or immune compromised and it travelled the globe without any cure and able to mutate at will in many strains outpacing researchers and manufacturing capabilities. With Overshoot Day happening, why even bother with a cure at all? This years Overshoot Day is 7/29/21. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/opinion-we-must-reach-the-point-of-sustainable-population/ar-AALfbcx?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=W022 A 2018 study published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” calculated that our species comprises 36 percent of the total mammalian biomass of the planet and our livestock accounts for a further 60 percent. That leaves 4 percent for all other mammals, from the smallest (bumblebee bat) to the largest (blue whale): surely a recipe for global disaster. Another measure of our population’s unsustainability is that Overshoot Day — when annual human consumption exceeds the planet’s renewable biological productivity — will arrive on July 29 this year. For the year’s remaining five months, we will be drawing on Earth’s biological principal, having exhausted the interest. Human population growth must be allowed naturally to decrease and go negative until a sustainable population is achieved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Overshoot_Day
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    06-20-2021, 01:22 PM
    https://www.yahoo.com/news/anti-government-activist-bundy-issues-022320051.html Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy on Saturday came out with his first videos announcing his campaign to become governor of Idaho. “I’m running for governor because I’m sick and tired of all of this political garbage just like you are,” Bundy said in a nearly three-minute video on his campaign website. “I’m tired of our freedoms being taken from us, and I’m tired of the corruption that is rampant in our state government.”
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    06-20-2021, 01:18 PM
    That's why its called a "managed care system". ;)
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    06-20-2021, 01:10 PM
    The cognitive disconnect (cognitive dissonance) has created this state of mind I like to call Zombification. https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-travel-health-coronavirus-pandemic-a8d5fc984ec98ac21cfb2fe380b10713 Annette Steele isn’t destitute or unemployed. But for a year she’ll be receiving $500 per month in no-strings-attached payments 1) Funds came from some sort of tax, if not then printed fiat money (Inflation Tax) as part of an experimental universal basic income program in upstate New York. Places from Compton, California, to Richmond, Virginia, are trying out guaranteed income programs, which gained more attention after the pandemic idled millions of workers. For researchers, the pilot could give them a fuller picture of what happens when a range of people are sent payments that guarantee a basic living. 2) And ammunition for upcoming elections to implement a national program of some sort (see Andrew Yang).
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    06-20-2021, 08:38 AM
    This is the PSA/Emergency announcement.
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    06-19-2021, 11:00 PM
    I quit, when is this BS gonna end? https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/does-nikki-haleys-road-to-the-white-house-start-in-jerusalem-671276 Does Nikki Haley’s road to the White House start in Jerusalem? "Israel should not be fighting alone," said the former-US ambassador to the UN on a solidarity mission to Israel's rocket-ravaged south. By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN JUNE 17, 2021 10:20 ‘It is too much,” former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley whispered under her breath after she had spontaneously hugged an Ashkelon resident whose home had been damaged by a Hamas rocket during the May war. Tears had swelled up in both their eyes as she wrapped him in her arms outside his rubble-strewn home.
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    06-19-2021, 10:48 PM
    Secession Now. This is self determination at its finest.
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    06-19-2021, 01:05 PM
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    06-19-2021, 12:37 PM
    VS is trying to stay relevant.
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    06-19-2021, 12:34 PM
    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/un-report-warns-there-s-a-different-type-of-pandemic-coming-for-the-world/ar-AALc9cd?ocid=msedgntp UN Report Warns There's a Different Type of 'Pandemic' Coming For The World Thousands of years of history tell us drought is nothing new. Sometimes we prevail. Often we don't. A bleak look into the future tells us we've seen nothing yet, with a mix of shifting climates, poor water management practices, and growing population densities promising a 'pandemic' of catastrophic droughts awaits. The UN's Special Report on Drought 2021 details the risks we face in coming years as a result of reduced rainfall in key spots around the world, exploring the drivers behind drought and the variety of measures we all take to cope with water shortage. The fact global warming is redistributing our water is already a grim reality many around the world are forced to deal with.
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    06-19-2021, 07:17 AM
    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/11-u-s-mayors-commit-to-develop-reparations-pilot-projects/ar-AALcmJh?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=W022 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Eleven U.S. mayors — from Los Angeles to tiny Tullahassee, Oklahoma — have pledged to pay reparations for slavery to a small group of Black residents in their cities, saying their aim is to set an example for the federal government on how a nationwide program could work. The mayors had no details on how much it would cost, who would pay for it or how people would be chosen. All of those details would be worked out with the help of local commissions comprised of representatives from Black-led organizations set up to advise the mayor of each city. But the mayors say they are committed to paying reparations instead of just talking about them. https://moremayors.org/
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    06-18-2021, 05:21 PM
    https://www.sltrib.com/news/homeprices/2021/06/18/some-utah-landlords-want/ The DNA tests are not being used to identify a dog’s breed, as you might expect — though some property management companies won’t accept breeds that are deemed too aggressive, such as pit bulls, for liability reasons. Instead, landlords use the tests essentially the same way detectives do — when an animal poops on the lawn or in common areas, DNA can identify the offender and the owner who didn’t pick it up. Tenants here have been charged as much as $65, according to personal accounts that renters shared with The Salt Lake Tribune, to have their cat’s or dog’s cheek swabbed during the application process — and a few who did so didn’t even end up being approved for the unit. And once you move in, you could be charged a hefty fine if a maintenance worker finds your pet’s waste and sends it to a lab for testing. If it’s confirmed to be from your animal, some Utahns have reported, you may be charged as much at $150 for not properly disposing of it.
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