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    04-30-2021, 04:06 AM
    You are out of your depth, merelstan. You walked into a pool hall, saw someone doing something unusual with a pool cue and assumed he as amateur like yourself and challenged him to a game, then quietly slipped out the door when you saw he was a pro practicing a new move. You told an accomplished libertarian writer that he has "budding understanding" of libertarianism and needed to take more care in crafting sentences. Why not just admit you made a mistake? You commented too quickly without reading enough. Or, humbly ask for help to understanding better. I suggest you stay away from philosophical writings. Not every sentence is straight forward literal. And learn about appeal to ridicule fallacies because its an obvious tell that one does not get something.
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    04-29-2021, 03:46 AM
    Yes, pal! Do you know what an appeal to ridicule fallacy is? Do you know why it doesn't deserve an answer? If you read the complete works of Aristotle do you think you might find an individual sentence that seems ponderous in isolation?
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    04-28-2021, 03:44 AM
    Organicism is giving the part equal value to the whole, having the attitude that the whole just won't work or be worth it if some part is not given the proper care or attention. This is consistent with how the word "organic" is used in our culture and in industry. He is an organic chef, he sources meat from local free range producers and uses every part of the animal from head to tail. He is an organic grower, he allows weeds and pests to cancel each other out rather than use harsh chemicals to try to keep them at bay... Does greater complexity make a thing less organic? Only if and when the complexities are illogical and superfluous. Greater complexity tends to make a thing less organic, only because there are more chances for illogical and superfluous elements to take hold.
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    04-27-2021, 03:36 AM
    Do I have just a budding understanding of a deep and important set of ideas in economics and libertarian thought? Do I need merkelstan's advice about crafting sentences? Where did you go? You started something then ran off before I could finish it. Actually I have written for several prominent magazines and newspapers, both mainstream and libertarian. I've written for two libertarian publications that Ron Paul wrote for and got an email from Ron Paul in response to one piece. I have been read by over 10 million people worldwide and have books that have been read around the world, including a novel that anticipated the election of Donald Trump by ten years. I've been developing these ideas about organicism for about ten years. It was easy to tell that the concepts were over your head because you made an appeal to ridicule. This is what the late night comedians like to do. It's an obvious tell.
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    04-23-2021, 03:38 AM
    There is no full treatise on organicism that I am aware of. Frank Lloyd Wright spoke about organic principles in architecture, Steve Jobs technology and Stefan Molyneux ethics. You will find the principles at work in the permaculture and nose to tail movements. I have written on literary organicism and organic education.
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    04-23-2021, 01:48 AM
    " The whole is only useful if the smallest individual part is useful." That sentence is taken out of context, yet it can stand on its own, and that is organicism! Your examples tend towards the ridiculous, but they sort of make the point regardless. Principles of Harmony
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    04-22-2021, 03:10 PM
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    04-20-2021, 03:08 AM
    The philosophy of organicism grew for me from architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s descriptions of organic architecture...I began extending the concept...I had thought I had in organicism a virtually new philosophy. I soon found that it was anything but. No one, however, had laid it out fully in the way I envisioned. No one had identified organicists, many of whom we know as geniuses, or enumerated the principles that unite them. While many individuals in various pursuits share a basic philosophy, no one to my knowledge, has applied it consistently to all areas of their life. Merriam-Webster defines organicism as “1) A complex structure of interdependent and subordinate elements whose relations and properties are largely determined by their function in the whole and 2) An individual constituted to carry on the activities of life by means of organs separate in function but mutually dependent: a living being.” Other dictionaries equate organicism with holism, a philosophy holding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If holism were synonymous with organicism it would have been called whole-ism not hole-ism. An individual idea or observation is as important as the larger whole it must fit into. But the whole is only tenable if the individual ideas or observations forming it are tenable. The whole is only useful if the smallest individual part is useful. The organicist is one who tests the strengths and worthiness of individual ideas and observations and fits them into larger ideas and observations, by reduction, expansion, and analogy... The distinction between the whole being as important as its constituent parts and not more is most vital when considering society. A society can only approach an ideal of peace and prosperity if individuals are respected. A healthy society requires individuals who think independently and deal with others on a voluntary basis. It is wrong for individuals to aggress against others and no concept of the common good makes it acceptable for the whole of society, i.e., the government to aggress against individuals.
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    04-14-2021, 03:01 AM
    From articles, books and social media posts. Arranged from newest to oldest.
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    04-09-2021, 02:23 AM
    There will be no shortage of individuals engaging in manipulative behavior designed to drive a wedge between you and your child and no attorney can help and it starts from the crib. Mindset is the best defense. If you are talking about a marriage that is going off the rails, the solution is the same.
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    04-09-2021, 02:13 AM
    Our mission is to assist parents in raising lifelong learners and achievers.
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    04-09-2021, 02:05 AM
    This is a cultural revolution and its not enough to just keep your kids away from government schools. Marxists are in daycare and preschools, they write children's books and apps. Marxists are after your children and its going to take more than just communicating your values to protect them. This is why I wrote I AM FREE TO LEARN. Parents are getting it and they should see right away that it will work. There is no more fitting in. The majority of children are in real trouble. Well adjusted children will be in the minority. But they will able to lead others as turn things around.
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