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    07-13-2021, 05:20 AM
    The Ridgewood Blog Simplicity and Purity You are paying an extreme amount in taxes to live in a town with “good schools.” You clearly care about your child’s future, but given how the world is changing, is school really the best place for her? Have you ever even asked the question? Do you want your child to go to school into adulthood then get a 40 hour per week job and not have the time and resources to have and raise children? Or would you rather he start businesses and develop income streams early, have and raise children early, then reach new heights in business or career as his children mature? Have you ever even considered the possibility that young adults are capable of starting businesses and developing income streams and could learn in the context of such endeavors? One, for example, could make and sell chocolate. This would teach her about investment, profit and loss, quality control and other important concepts she would otherwise wait until college to think about. One could start a debate league and get early practice in the skills of persuasion and conflict resolution, while gaining the rare ability to organize activities with peers. The possibilities are limitless.
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    06-30-2021, 03:26 AM
    I'll give you two objects and see if you can tell me which is organic: a newborn baby and Frankenstein. If you guessed newborn baby, then you have a good hold of what organic means. That's easy. It gets difficult when you apply organic to things. Let's take two pieces of writing: your essay Super Organized Societies... and my essay The Rebirth of Story. Which of these lives and breaths and which one is Frankenstein? Here's what I would tell you if you were one of my writing students. Start with a hook. Something peripheral you that can return to later. An essay should not be a brain dump. Also, cut extraneous words. Don't write sentences like "My observation has been that when confronted with the truth about freedom..." Leave out "My observation has been" Or better yet, say it in a more simple way. Your writing will be more organic. And you will be on your way to understanding organicism.
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    06-30-2021, 03:04 AM
    So you think that every time someone uses the word organic they are either using this definition or getting it wrong? You don't know that most words have more than one meaning? Please. Is this how you racked up 52 thousand posts since 2007.
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    06-29-2021, 02:04 PM
    One of us is a professional writer and professional writing teacher and the other is not. I am all over the place to help people like you get it because I know you would benefit from it. I answered your essay on complex human societies as it pertains to organicism Does greater complexity make a thing less organic? Only if and when the complexities are illogical and superfluous. Greater complexity tends to make a thing less organic, only because there are more chances for illogical and superfluous elements to take hold.] If you can't get it, you cant get it. There is no need or benefit to debating a self evident term like organic.
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    06-29-2021, 09:48 AM
    Organicism is giving the part equal value to the whole, having the attitude that the whole just won't work or be worth it if some part is not given the proper care or attention. This is consistent with how the word "organic" is used in our culture and in industry. He is an organic chef, he sources meat from local free range producers and uses every part of the animal from head to tail. He is an organic grower, he allows weeds and pests to cancel each other out rather than use harsh chemicals to try to keep them at bay... I'm sorry but there is not contradiction. Following a principle of keeping things as simple as possible would not preclude complexity in all cases. It just would ideally lead to unnecessary complexity.
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