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    06-12-2021, 08:14 AM
    No one in my family received it that I'm aware of. What amazes me is that basically everyone else that I know of outside of my family has got the jab. Many of these people swore they wouldn't for the past year. They faced so much social pressure, they caved.
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    06-10-2021, 11:02 PM
    Yup, it's the easiest way to discredit people in the court of public opinion. I've been saying the same thing about resurgence of flat earth theories online. Anytime you now mention a theory that goes against the mainstream narrative, you're just thought of as a flat earther.
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    06-10-2021, 09:43 AM
    Can we stop blaming the virus for everything? It's government actions that caused the problems.
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    06-09-2021, 11:10 AM
    I'm not sure. I think he's being setup to be the scapegoat for everything. Every poor decision by Cuomo, Whitmer and others will just be blamed on Fauci. He's been made the face of this.
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    06-09-2021, 08:26 AM
    Can someone point to anything this fake doctor has done over his bureaucratic career that hasn't resulted in mass deaths? His history with AIDS and being the one who killed hundreds of thousands of AIDS patients with chemotherapy alone should disqualify him from any further medical opinion. I'm not a medical doctor, (just like Fauci) but even I can see the issue of injecting poison into the bloodstream of people with a compromised immune system.
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    06-08-2021, 05:04 PM
    You have to go to his website and sign up for his zoom meeting tomorrow.
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    06-08-2021, 04:03 PM
    The Seattle area is one of the worst for crazy prices. While I don't disagree with you that the government should get out of zoning, and allow property owners to do anything legal with their properties, that is not the cause. Living downtown is not some inalienable right. I can't afford to live next to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in Medina WA. Somehow, even with that, I am able to find a place to live. Actually, comparing rents here to current property values, the rents are cheap. A rental unit that would cost $400k here will have rental revenue around $1700 per month. That same unit would probably be less than $200k in metro Detroit, and you could probably receive around $1300 per month. I also provided you the example of "low income" subsidies getting people 3k off their rent in a luxury downtown apartment. You absolutely do not run into grandma living on social security that was forced to move out camping on the sidewalk in Seattle. That's just a leftist narrative to play with your emotions.
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    06-08-2021, 11:15 AM
    I don't think germ theory itself is getting that much debate. I think most will accept that bacteria and fungi can cause transmittable infections. I think where it gets murky is viral theory. The idea that a virus is a nonliving organism that force other cells to duplicate it. This theory seems to have some glaring holes. If a virus is "nonliving" how can it be killed? Even conventional vaccines usually use a supposedly dead virus, with a living virus being better at providing immunity, but causing more risk at actually contracting the infection. How can that be true, if a virus is a nonliving organism? Personally the way I see it, viruses as we know them are infectious organisms that can't be classified as either a bacteria or fungi. Beyond that, I think the understanding falls short. It does seem like there's something there, whether it's the flu or something else.
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    06-08-2021, 10:50 AM
    The biggest issue is people conflating the other digital currencies with Bitcoin. Ethereum, dogecoin, or whatever other meme coin of the day are just tokens created by a central entity. Bitcoin is limited to a theoretical limit of 21 million that can't ever be reached. What people fail to understand is where the value comes from. The value comes from the transactions themselves and their verification through mining. The only real risk is that it actually was created by a government entity that has a back door no one has been able to find. Everything has some level of risk. Even precious metals. What happens when the gestapo come to take yours? Do you really believe that it's hidden so well they can't? I certainly wouldn't put everything I own into it, but I do think Bitcoin compliments PMs really well.
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  • Matt4Liberty's Avatar
    06-08-2021, 10:25 AM
    Here in the Seattle area, there are plenty like that. There's a traffic light at a Fred Meyer near where I used to live. One kid was always there panhandling that didn't look very hard to do. One time I'm about the fifth car back. Everyone in front of me gave him money. In one light cycle, he probably earned over forty dollars from what I could tell, seeing several tens and a twenty. Per hour, this kid probably makes more than I do. There are plenty here like Brian mentioned in the OP as well. Drug addicts and people with serious mental problems. They're perfectly comfortable living that way. As far as I know, the term homeless industrial complex was created here, since the "compassionate" projects have been going on for a long time, creating just more and more bums on the streets. This in an area where anyone with a pulse can earn $20 per hour. I even joke that there's businesses that would seriously consider someone without a pulse. Add all the federal, state, and local housing programs and there's no excuse. The daughter of a business aquiantance was living in a downtown apartment that goes for $3600 per month for $800, as long as her income stayed below $48,000 per year. That's an additional $36,000 tax free per year. Instead of forcing these people into programs, they enable them more. Now that they're not prosecuting theft under $980, there's really no hope to right the ship. It's just going to be a series of constant failures. The stores will close. The taxes will increase, the property values will plummet. The whole time it's going to be blamed on those middle class people, that are left paying for this ponzi scheme. It's going to be Detroit in the 70s and 80s, but on a national level. The whole goal is to completely destroy American society, in a way that nuclear weapons never could. Khrushchev was right when he said they'll destroy us without firing a single shot. Look around, it's happening. It's not even Marxism that's the goal. That might be the future for the survivors, but that's not the goal. The goal is completely destroying society and the nation.
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    06-05-2021, 06:50 PM
    I'm sure all the tax havens are going to get right on that.
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    06-01-2021, 06:55 PM
    Very well written. As someone born in communist Czechoslovakia, your account is pretty accurate. People definitely need to take note. Especially with the normal currupt Democrats and Trotskyite neocons capitulating to the communists, we're in serious trouble.
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    05-26-2021, 08:09 PM
    Probably had it in December 2019. I was in southeast Asia at the time. On my way there, it was just starting to get some media attention. Towards the end of my trip I was absolutely leveled. With the exception of restroom visits, I slept for about 48 hours straight. I had a fever, back pain and difficulty breathing. I have never slept that long. After returning, I had some breathing difficulty well into January. Different from anything I ever had before, and haven't been sick since.
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