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    Today, 07:18 PM
    The Purge: Stalin 1937
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    Today, 12:26 PM
    FBI is now investigating the actors in this movie for their involvement in the Jan. 6th Capitol event... :tears:
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    Today, 09:34 AM
    YT comments more savage than The Purge itself... anarcho_ Anime 1 day ago (edited) The next movie title shall be this “ NO MORE PURGE” I’m calling it Pure Mulp 3 days ago Plot: People realize that murder still happens when it's illegal
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    06-09-2021, 01:08 PM
    (NSFW) :smirking:
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    06-08-2021, 02:39 PM
    (NSFW) From 2017 but still fire... Goosebumps...
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    06-06-2021, 08:38 AM
    We can go back and forth like this till Kingdom Come, if you like. Every investment involves the risk that you could lose your principal. Thus, investment is a speculative move. What we call speculation (such as commodity futures) is a specific type of investment that is primarily concerned with the allocation of resources in time. This is the aspect of capitalism that communism is most concerned with wresting from the hands of the common investor and centralizing completely in the hands of the politburo. The many errors of Keynesian theory can be boiled down to this: There is no time-structure of production and all economic phenomena are aggregate phenomena. The denial of the time-structure of production is the most important aspect of the Marxist critique of capitalism. This is why "speculation" is singled out by our central banking and financial regulators as a "special" kind of activity that shouldn't even be considered an investment... "it's just betting!" Bull-hooey, commodities speculation and other forms of speculation are the very backbone of capitalism. The act of saving capital from which "capitalism" originally gets its name is a form of speculation, that is, resource-allocation in time. This is why the central bank targets savings and continuously erodes the value of cash-assets at rest. Yes, they also profit from this but that isn't even the primary purpose! From the Marxist perspective, it is far more important to condition the population of potential investors (holders of at-rest capital) that they should not bother "speculating" against the market, that is, holding cash. "You're just going to lose money trying to avoid inflation" <-- this is Central Banker Keynesian Propaganda 101. Many of the "definitions" of modern finance have been corrupted by more than a century of central bank inflation. The market has no idea which way is up. That's why Kiyosaki rejects all "paper schemes". I think Kiyosaki is right overall that the vast, vast majority of people should just stay away from Wall Street. But people who actually work in that field might have the required expertise to invest despite the inflationary madness. And in a sound money economy, stock investing would be placed back on a rational basis of monetary calculation that would enable investors to invest more broadly, without demand for stocks/paper being artificially pumped by the central bank driving everyone out of holding cash, that is, owning capital...
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    06-05-2021, 08:44 PM
    Incorrect. Speculative investments, such as commodity futures, are a form of resource allocation in time and, in fact, form the very backbone of capitalism (that is, the free market). The first tribal fisherman to rub salt on a fresh filet of fish and lay it out in the sun to dry into fish jerky that he could eat later in the week was, poetically speaking, the very first commodity speculator. For all he knew, there might be a glut of fish caught the very next day and his meticulous preparation for future hunger was all for nothing. But for those cases where the best case didn't happen, he was able to have some food on hand to eat, keep his strength, and fish that much better by virtue of proper nutrition and calorie-intake. Speculation is, obviously, a different kind of investment than running a burger joint or buying shares in ETFs. But so what? Every type of investment is unique, even one stock cannot be directly compared to another and that's the whole point of stock investing!
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    06-05-2021, 05:12 PM
    I have no issues with the people, culture and history of China. Of course, I hope they will believe the Gospel, as I hope everyone will. No, my issue is not with China, my issue is with the global communists and their plots and schemes to take over the West through the auspices of the East. My issue is with the Uighur concentration camps; the disappearance and torture of any political dissenters within China; the use of soft-warfare methods to disrupt American domestic politics; the official suppression of the Christian church within China; and the downright arrogance of the ruling party that has gone so far as to begin rewriting the Bible! Hu Jintao was no walk in the park but compared to Xinny, he was practically a Western capitalist. China has gone full commie-tard...
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    06-05-2021, 01:53 PM
    Yes, all investment is speculative, and all speculations are a kind of investment (perhaps good, perhaps bad). Gold and silver are money. (Full stop). Holding paper "money" is holding nothing at all because the government is on a non-stop binge of money-printing. The reasons to save money (that is, gold or silver) are (1) uncertainty and (2) liquidity. These are related. The more uncertainty in the market, the more liquid you should want to be. Cash (paper) is more liquid but there is only so much paper you need to keep on hand for that kind of instant liquidity. A few months' worth of household expenses is enough for most purposes. Beyond that, you should store your assets in a durable good that will hold its value (who cares about appreciation when trying to prevent unnecessary losses). While land is a durable good, it is also very illiquid. It might take months or years to recoup the purchase price on a given property. Among all durable goods, gold and silver are the most liquid. This is why you should hold gold and silver. When there is less uncertainty in the market, you may want to invest. But "investment" need not mean buying paper from Wall Street. In fact, I am on board with Kiyosaki's view that most people should avoid Wall Street like the plague. Unless you're actually in the industry, just stay away. "So, what should I do with my nest-egg? $500k of gold/silver will still only buy $500k inflation-adjusted worth of goods/services in the future. I am interested in actually increasing my nest-egg above and beyond just keeping up with inflation." Great question! How about buying an actual business? "Yeah, but what about diversification? If I put all my eggs in one basket, I could lose it all!"
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    06-05-2021, 11:12 AM
    ClaytonB replied to a thread Nukes? in U.S. Political News
    I can agree on this. I have been a vocal critic of US policy, especially foreign policy, because our government claims this moral high ground as being some kind of beacon of virtue to the world, meanwhile, it dumps countless thousands of tons of bombs onto foreigners, many of them in residential areas, causing untold civilian deaths. So the US government should either shut up about its pretended moral superiority and just accept its role as the ahole-world-cop, or stop its campaign of global terror against every country holding resources it doesn't control... That said. An ascendant China will be immeasurably worse. What the US aspires to be, the Chinese will actually and openly be, without apologies. What other country in the world openly maintains active concentration camps and gets away with it? Only China is able to pull off a stunt like that. And if they get their fingers on the levers of global power (perhaps they already have, who knows), it's going to be game-over for any semblance of human freedom or any concept of life at all, outside of chanting CCP slogans at the top of our lungs while working 90 hours a day in a mine to avoid being sent to a Uighur "re-education camp"... (and why would they need to pay anybody in such conditions... figure out how to feed yourself...)
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    06-04-2021, 07:31 PM
    Any particular kind of investment is neither inherently good nor bad. However, all investments are distorted by the interference of the State, and this interference is at unprecedented levels and only continues to grow with time. The surest bet anyone can make is that the future will have higher taxes, more regulations, less opportunities for entrepreneurial investment, more stagnation of developing economies, more strangulation of existing companies by central-planning measures, more blockbuster government spending on reckless MIC adventures and doomed social-welfare interventions, etc. etc. So if you seriously want to get rich, invest in the defense industry or start your own business in that space. Profits are absolutely guaranteed no matter what happens to the stock market. What is money? That's the whole question. Slips of paper that, since 1971, cannot even be exchanged for gold? "Gold isn't money!" Oh really? Somebody should tell the poor, misguided Swiss banking industry, the Islamic banking industry, or even the Bank of England: "Gold isn't money" is a hoodwink, a sick prank that has been pulled on the gullible masses of the West. It plays nowhere else, no other part of the world is that hopelessly naive, no one else in the world is dumb enough to blindly trust the blatant lies of their ruling class, like we are...
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    06-04-2021, 06:24 PM
    Incorrect. The US dollar is an unstable currency. It has only been in existence since 1971, and its most recent collapse was in 2008. We have never recovered from that collapse because the Federal Reserve will not stop printing money. Ramsey is great when he talks about the Bible, and when he gives advice for people who are struggling to get out of debt and get back on their feet. But if you're already on a solid foundation (this kid is doing stellar with $22k in savings at his age!), you need to go beyond Ramsey. The fact that he dismisses central bank money-printing as "conspiracy theory" shows that he is abysmally ignorant of the nature of the US dollar. Age factors nowhere into this equation. Kiyosaki is kind of Ramsey's nemesis in the (quasi) religious financial advice arena and I don't agree with everything he says, but when it comes to savings and sound money, he's exactly correct:
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    06-04-2021, 10:35 AM
    "In other news, scientists play Russian roulette in a bid to calculate the probability of dying by Russian roulette..."
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    06-03-2021, 08:29 PM
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    05-31-2021, 04:56 PM
    I perceive that it will be blamed on those of us who refuse to be vaccinated.
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    05-30-2021, 02:40 PM
    Thank you, that's the one! Tongan military, not Chinese military (they weren't quite as much of a menace back then...) Also, I see that it was north of NZ, not in the Asia Pacific region... thanks again!
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    05-30-2021, 11:00 AM
    Many variations on this have been tried. It's doomed. Look at existing national governments in, say, South America, vis-a-vis the US government. The US government is, de facto, an imperial hegemony. It's not (quite) fully global but it can be fairly described as hemispherical. Related: Sealand Kailaasa
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    05-29-2021, 09:54 PM
    Should have wore masks...
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