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    Today, 04:19 PM
    I almost like it. I think you're closer with mommy and daddy. The party of estrogen and the party of testosterone.
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    Today, 12:56 PM
    The federal government has repeatedly proven that it would rather spend all that freshly printed "money" on recruiting new grunts and advertising for Big Pharma than taking care of those who are too old to keep doing their dirty work.
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    Today, 12:27 PM
    We are living in historic times, which means not only are certain things tough, but that we stand at a nexus, our choices likely to affect the quality of our lives from this point forward, as well as those of our posterity for long years and decades to come. It therefore behooves us to make our choices carefully. Let us go not from pan into fire, but rather let us move with strong and intelligent force to preserve our liberty and cultivate it towards ever greater perfection. This would prove a diametric departure from what we have been doing since at least the time of the Civil War, since which we have gone in the precise opposite direction, allowing those in positions of practical power to ever elide our Rights, most often under the pretext of some crisis, real or conjured. To that end, I propose we call an Article V Convention of the states and in that forum, put forth for ratification a Twenty Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This Amendment specifies in clear language the duties, obligations, and responsibilities of integrity and performance to which all sworn Public servants must adhere and comport themselves during their tenures as such. Amendment 29 further specifies the punishments to be meted in cases where such servants, the Instruments of "state" and "government", violate their oaths of good faith and competent service. Those punishments are severe, to say the least, often including long prison sentences at hard labor, and may include death as the ultimate penalty. In addition, their families shall not rest immune in any case where they may be deemed as having shared culpability in the relevant crimes, profited from them in any way whatsoever, regardless of how indirectly, or having had even the least hint of something being amiss, failed to report their suspicions to the people. The objective of this Amendment is to make the work of anyone in "government" so fraught with real and immediate danger where failure, mishap, and criminal acts are concerned, that none but the most pure of heart, utter competence, and steadfast trustworthiness would so much as consider such positions of Special Trust. The consequences of failure, much less criminal action, for those who choose to become Instruments of governance, must be precisely so severe in order to dissuade all but the most pathologically criminal among us to eschew the burdens of Public service for the sheer terror that the gravities must rightly instill. As for that tiny minority of willful miscreants, the punishments stand to cross their names from the gene pool.
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    Today, 09:53 AM
    Well no. Well no. What do you want me to do, get it, then pay to have my cell DNA sequenced? Sorry, can't afford it. Looked around the back room and I can't find my sequencer. Tell me what the results of the experiment were long before the experiment is over or there's no experiment? Is that your argument? Can you explain how the virus got the never-occurs-in-nature CGG-CGG combination?
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    Today, 09:19 AM
    Can't find a link, yet, but Massie just announced he's suing Pelosi over her unconstitutional mask rule in Congress. As you know, he was fined several times for being unmasked on the floor and threw each notice in the trash. Now, he's fighting back and needs support! Statement:
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    Today, 07:44 AM
    Correction: Maybe it was Invisible Man.
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    Today, 06:44 AM
    Pretty sure it's the media. They've been doing that for him for more than a year now.
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    Today, 05:17 AM
    I'm probably one of them. I think private businesses should be able to require their employees to wear short skirts if they want to. I think they should be able to require them to crawl on all fours as they enter the workplace. It's their money after all. If they want to buy some labor, they should be able to dictate the terms of the labor they want to purchase. And suffer the consequences of stupid rules. To me, exchanging money for someone's labor is no different than exchanging money for the fruits of someone's labor. And before I purchase any product, I make sure it suits my wants and needs. If it doesn't, I don't buy it. We don't need government coming in telling me I have to buy it, even though I may not want it. But..... If there's a contractual arrangement for employment, employers can't change the contract midstream. Employees need to know what they're agreeing to before they accept the job. Any changes in that contract need to be negotiated. If there's a disagreement, the employer is still responsible for fulfilling the remainder of the existing contract. As for government employees... Yeah, let's hope this leads to a mass exodus.
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    Yesterday, 11:20 PM
    The "vaccine" is full of graphene nanotubes, which are reputed to create pathways to cell DNA.
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    Yesterday, 01:53 PM
    This. Let them believe what they want about the disease. Just make people understand that the alleged "vaccine" is worse. The reason for the disease was to sell the syringe. And if someone believes the disease doesn't exist, they already know the vaccine must be worse, so move on to someone who needs your help. Meanwhile, I don't see a problem with Rand Paul following back the trails of money to a Chinese biolab with ties to their military. I don't see the harm in it.
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    Yesterday, 01:00 PM
    More than half the population already rejected the "vaccine". If only the "vaccinated" drop dead, how does one fool someone into thinking it's the salvation? Telling people it's the unvaccinated dying isn't working so well. Rand Paul has operated from the beginning of his political career on the belief that some people cannot swallow the proverbial red pill whole, but you can make some progress by chopping the red pill up and feeding them bits of it. Trolls have been using that all along to "prove" he's a tool. A very great many of the more than half of the population who refused the vaccine believe in the virus. They just don't believe in the vaccine. How is your little conspiracy theory supposed to change that? If you can't answer that, then all you're doing is underestimating the enemy.
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    Yesterday, 12:56 PM
    MIT seems bound and determined to maintain their excellent reputation. I wonder how they're going to fare without any federal funding?
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    Yesterday, 12:03 PM
    So Fedbook has "temporarily blocked" Ron Paul from "managing his existing Pages"? So who is managing them? And are viewers made aware that said page(s) are being managed by someone other than Ron Paul, or are they being managed fraudulently?
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    Yesterday, 11:35 AM
    Soviet style? Yes. Justice? Not according to any definition of the word I've ever seen.
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    Yesterday, 11:08 AM
    If there's no disease, what are they dropping dead from? More than half the population already rejected the "vaccine". If only the "vaccinated" drop dead, how does one fool someone into thinking it's the salvation? Telling people it's the unvaccinated dying isn't working so well. Add to that the fact that people do know people who got a bad chest cold, and your theory is less than watertight. I think you have your scientific method bass ackward. Starting with the premise that Rand is a tool and trying to prove it is leading you down the garden path.
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    Yesterday, 10:19 AM
    Think so? And if people get seriously upset with the government for creating it, what do they win? Amusing theory. Fun way to brand Rand a puppet. But if it's a game, the game has to have an object. There has to be something to win. Convincing people there's a virus and that the government used taxpayer money to create it does what for them, exactly?
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    Yesterday, 07:40 AM
    It's not just the vaccine. To me, that's just a sacramental rite of the religion. The religion is the State. And there are lots of tenets of that religion: You must cede your individuality and wealth to the State; Unless you publicly flog yourself, you will be responsible for the end of the Earth, whether by pandemics or climate; Your personhood is not as important as your skin color or sexual preferences; You must never offend a member of this religion - they are off limits - heretics are free game, though; You are a sinner if you were born with any advantages and the only way to absolve yourself is to take advantages away from other people; All atrocities are permitted if done in the name of the almighty State; All free speech must be tolerated unless it veers slightly from the State-approved speech. It's really a sick religion, but you'll never convince their adherents.
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    Yesterday, 07:00 AM
    What would be REALLY helpful is if he could have remembered the "mind-boggling, Nobel-prize-winning" study he mentioned. I went out to PLOS One and I'm not sure I found it. Perhaps, this is the one??
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    07-25-2021, 06:55 PM
    Discussed here as well….
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    07-25-2021, 02:13 PM
    I don't see any sign he has made it public yet. Maybe tomorrow, after the DOJ has had a chance to be the first to read it.
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I was born in Western PA the third of four boys. When I was still a baby, the second child died

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