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    Today, 05:40 AM
    I agree so stop beating up people trying to change the GOP all the time, and go beat up some people trying to change the Democratic party. OH wait. There aren't any.
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    Today, 05:33 AM
    Um. My entire point is that republicans ARE the critical thinkers. Did you not get that? They sunk McCain in 2008. They sunk Romney in 2012. Senate candidates Perdue and Loeffler in GA last Nov. Establishment candidates don't get to Pass Go on the right. People always claiming we should be working with like-minded individuals across the spectrum, but I'd like to hear something besides platitudes. I gave an example of ending the war on drugs, which is about the only thing I have in common with the left anymore, as it exists today. What other issues, in the year 2021, can we work with democrats on? I'll wait.
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    Today, 05:18 AM
    No doubt. I've pretty much given up hope that something is going to shake their fixation on media propaganda. Not only that but there's not much to work with on the left anymore. Probably the only issue I see at this point that we could work together on is ending the war on drugs, and that's not really a hot-button issue for me anymore, if it ever was. It's more of a 'it'd be nice if it happens' sort of thing. Bigger, more basic issues like, free speech, are off the table, since the left wholly endorses censorship now. I guess I wouldn't mind people around here so much if they were balanced in the criticism of the two parties, but this has become more of a place to kick conservatives when they're down. Come one and all to ridicule those trying their hardest to steer the GOP back to its roots, all the while the democrats steamroll, uncontested. Yeah, we'll see how that ends.
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    Yesterday, 12:35 PM
    To that effect, no, it doesn't do any good, but typically if you want to motivate people to support things they should be supporting, it helps tremendously to have someone up front who knows how to work a crowd. That's just the way it is. The majority of people (i.e. those who decide elections) look for leaders. Always have, always will, forever and ever, amen. And I stand by my statement, that there's practically no prospects at the moment who can do that. If you wanna keep Trump off the 2024 ticket, find someone who is principled but rivals his charisma. Pickings are pretty slim so I'd start looking for that person, yesterday. Otherwise, don't be surprised if he gets lifted up by the crowd and carried back into the White House.
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    Yesterday, 09:09 AM
    Do you guys see any war going on inside the democratic party like you do the republicans? I'm not talking about politicians. I'm talking about average voters. It seems to me that the dem voters are more of a monolithic 'go along with whatever' party, while the GOP is in turmoil (been that way since Ron Paul) and conservatives won't hesitate to throw an election to keep the establishment out of power. See: GA senate races, 2020. It's unfortunate that the dems will keep winning until the GOP unifies on what it should stand for, while the left appears completely unified, but there's no debate on the left. It would be nice if someone would stand up on the left and fight the powers that be, but other than a handful of Bernie bros it seems they're content to vote for whatever garbage the DNC puts on the platter. See: Senile racist Joe Biden, 2020 Basically, conservative voters are having to fight the entirety of the democratic party and around half of the GOP. I'm happy to see the mayor come over. We need the help.
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    05-04-2021, 01:14 PM
    No sh1t. But there's nothing preventing other states from using FL SB 90 as a template. Personally I would love to see all precincts report at the same time. None of this waiting to see what cards other people have in their hand before you decide whether or not you need to pull those 4 aces out of your sleeve.
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    05-04-2021, 12:51 PM
    If you're planning to cheat I suppose. A lot of the tactics used by the left to flip red states won't work in 2024. For example, a new Florida law requires mail-in ballots to be reported and accounted for hourly on election night, so there's no holding out reporting until 3 AM when you see how many votes you need to win. Mid-term elections in 2022 may end up making it nearly impossible for democrats to pull stunts like they did last November.
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    05-04-2021, 12:23 PM
    I'm just saying. You find a nominee who can inspire people like this and you've got the guy who can beat Trump. I don't see one. Not in the republican party, not in the democrat party, not in the libertarian party.
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    05-04-2021, 12:01 PM
    The thing is, a lot of Trump supporters believe they were cheated out of a 2nd term for 45. If he decides to run again, they're gonna expect the prophecy to be fulfilled, so to speak, and his supporters didn't just up and evaporate, contrary to the hopes of leftists and Rockefeller republicans. I like DeSantis but if Trump is running for a 2nd time, I don't think it's likely he will challenge him, and the rest of the contenders are just betas.
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    05-03-2021, 03:35 PM
    I don't think it's gonna be a matter of "letting" Trump do anything. He still has a ton of grassroots support. People get fired up just because someone posts a 30 second cellphone video of him hosting an event in Mar-a-lago. His supporters are as fervent as we were for Ron Paul at one time. Probably the only one who can draw a crowd like Trump might be DeSantis. And anyone who opposes Trump, if he should run again, is going to get lumped in with the establishment by your average conservative voters. That's just my prediction.
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    05-02-2021, 06:24 PM
    I hope the GOP never runs a "normal" candidate again.
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    05-02-2021, 07:20 AM
    I keep waiting on a civil war to start in the Democrat party but it just refuses to happen.
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    04-30-2021, 04:08 PM
    Pretty much.
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    04-29-2021, 07:46 PM
    Who are the second ones? (that's rhetorical BTW)
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    04-26-2021, 05:02 PM
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    04-21-2021, 09:12 AM
    Original message: The girl in the pink was about to get shanked, judging by the video. also: the obligatory "where were the parents?" Mom was obviously there since she called the police, but my guess is her honor student daughter had been hanging with the wrong crowd for a while now, unless this fight just spontaneously broke out, which I think is unlikely.
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    04-21-2021, 08:59 AM
    Girl in the pink was about to get shanked, judging by the video. Also where were the parents. (mom was apparently there since she called the police, but apparently her honor student has been hanging with the wrong crowd for a while now, unless this fight just spontaneously broke out, which I think is unlikely)
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    04-20-2021, 11:15 AM
    I'd like someone to make the case over how it helps large corporations. Seems like it could just as easily hurt companies like Amazon. Most of your mom & pop businesses have physical stores. I know people who will actually do their window shopping in stores and then check online to see if they can get it cheaper, and when you subtract a ~7% sales tax, it's always cheaper. Leave the store, place your order, and in a few days it's at your doorstep. The small business is the one getting screwed in this scenario. The alternative is that they could slash sales tax paid through physical storefronts to nothing, to balance it out. That's not likely to happen, and hell will freeze over before it happens in a state that doesn't have income tax. 2nd alternative: Get rid of sales tax completely and implement income tax. (yeah, literally no one is a fan of that one)
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    04-20-2021, 04:19 AM
    My first thought in all of these cases is "where are/were the parents?" Few people if any want to talk about that though. It's not an easy-to-fix thing and you don't get any votes by pointing out that young men with no positive male role models in their life are statistically far more likely to end up in situations just like this kid.
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    04-19-2021, 08:23 PM
    I don't know but he's probably gonna need them. He won't be getting any CIA money to get off the ground, for sure.
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    04-19-2021, 08:20 PM
    She's been doing this for years.
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    04-17-2021, 11:16 AM
    Catch-22, if they do talk about it, they're still accused of being phony (maybe not by you or me). There needs to be blowback in the black community directed not at Wendy's and shoe stores, but at the people responsible. But again, I can't get involved. A white dude will only taint the spirit of the rebellion.
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    04-17-2021, 11:08 AM
    Hey now, she's the only currently serving GA representative that actually knows what she stands for. The rest are just empty suits and pale in comparison as far as conviction goes. (could we do better?: yes) (is she the best we got?: again, yes)
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    04-17-2021, 10:53 AM
    With all due respect though, it kind of sounded like you were calling out conservatives for not being vocal about these incidents. Which goes back to the initial question, what would you have us do? I mean, keep in mind that about 5 months ago, predominantly black Democrat urban America voted out the guy who reversed Biden's 3 strikes law and put the guy who supported it in his place. It's not a very rewarding job, being white conservative superman. The sad truth of the matter is, I can't go into the Bronx or downtown Chicago and as a white conservative guy stand up on a soapbox and tell the black community what we need to do to address the issue. 1) They don't want to hear it from me 2) The media wouldn't allow me to say it, as I have no standing as an 'ol white dude tryna tell black folks about they business.' 3) In general, I value my life
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    04-17-2021, 10:20 AM
    Awe my post got destroyed by the merge. So the more condensed version: What exactly should conservatives do about police shootings in liberal metro areas (which seems to be where the vast majority happen)? My sheriff came out last year and condemned the Minneapolis chokehold incident, saying that no where is it acceptable to use a chokehold on a subdued suspect in any training he has ever received, and following the Taylor incident he made no-knock warrants only executable when signed off on in advance by the top LEO in the county (the sheriff). (probably could have just done away with no-knocks entirely but that is at least a step towards accountability). Problem is, here in rural-topia, that doesn't do anything to help liberal blacks in liberal urban hellholes. Seems like the burden of addressing the issue is on the black community. A good start would be to stop electing the same people over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
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    04-17-2021, 09:44 AM
    What exactly would 'doing something about it' entail for conservatives? We could protest. It doesn't seem to be very effective. We could riot, but that tends to make more enemies than friends and is a piss-poor way of convincing people it seems. We could run alternate candidates for local office in these liberal strongholds and maybe they'll get 0.5% of the vote. I think change is going to have to come from within the liberal black community, TBH. It doesn't mean I don't care about those cases but one of the things that burned me out of the nursing field was the creeping suspicion I cared more about some patients than they cared about themselves. I.E. the 10th or 11th time you see the patient come in complaining of chest pain after chain smoking weed for 4 hours straight at yet another block party, you're just. . . over it.
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    04-17-2021, 04:56 AM
    They had a 1000 people show up last night to protest.
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    04-16-2021, 01:26 AM
    Or the shortened version, ***. Only talking about cigarettes, honest.
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    04-15-2021, 01:10 PM
    What if the people do like it? Namely, the people who count the votes during said elections? I think they love it.
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