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    07-28-2021, 06:10 PM
    I wanted to see them live, sad that I never got the chance to :-(
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    07-21-2021, 09:18 AM
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    07-11-2021, 03:06 PM
    Yes and no.... Ron energized and inspired hundreds of thousand of people across the country. Out of that many political careers were launched including members of Congress like Amash, Thomas Massie, and even Rand. Not to mention the countless Ron Paul supporters who either ran for or now occupy state and local offices that we don't even know about. Or the people who joined the GOP and put it on a different trajectory than it was previously on prior to the Bush years. Unfortunately Ron only wanted to "educate" people and that does not directly change much. Educators and people who inspire are a necessary part of any political movement, but without political power education is pointless. Knowing how bad the Fed is doesn't mean anything if we are unable or unwilling to do anything to change it. And on the other side of that gaining political power just for the sake of gaining political power is pointless too. In addition to a political effort there has to be an intellectual and/or philosophical foundation and that is what Ron brought to the forefront. Legislatively, since Ron was unwilling to organize politically, he was never able to get anything done until the very end when he got some people on board who were willing to, and knew how to, organize politically on his behalf. Thus Campaign for Liberty. And for the first time Audit the Fed passed the House and came very near to passing the Senate too. I suspect that a similar effort may be happening again in the next few years due to the inflation that is happening and will continue for the foreseeable future.
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  1. You need to post more often. The forum grows tedious and I am in need of entertainment.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You're needed for interrogation in chat.
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    I'll trample your dark heart with darts from the Divine Spark because your beliefs are beneath me like Hades buried six feet deep. And you will weep in the place where it's always gnashing of teeth because your grief will never cease for your hardened unbelief about the obvious Cosmic Chief. Knowledge is folly without the fear of the Lord, so let me take my Sword and slice your cerebral into pieces as we seek the Prince of Peace, the sovereign Lord Jesus. He is the Word, and He shuts the mouths of the unlearned worms who squirm when they're burned by His unquenchable fire spurned. Word.
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    My rhymes will leave you blind by the light of my infinity. You have an affinity for absurdity, dressed in the garb of superfluity. Your fool's heart can't receive the gift of my reason by reason that you're a heathen believing that the seasons change for no apparent reason.
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    Thank you.
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    Hey there eOs! O, Ive been around, just busy with life and preoccupied with other subjects at the moment. It's funny tho.... I was just wondering about how you and some others were doing yesterday. lol So, super cool to hear from you!
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    You're enslaved to your ignorance to maintain in your filthiness that you've obtained any witness of the empirical against that which is metaphysically spiritual. The spoof of your proof is proven by this: the existence of an atheist proves God exists. You assume there is a God to disprove there is God, but your reasoning is at odds with the transcendental necessity of the preconditions for God. You can use New Age theology or Eastern philosophy, but if you challenge me, I'll deconstruct your arguments logically. Now we see the fallacy. You're just a hypocritical, unbiblical, pitiful, miserable individual. Your worldview has been wrecked by the whirlwind of regret, leaving you lost and pompous, just like that arrow on the top of Captain Jack Sparrow's compass. God's been ruling the nations and civilizations for ages, not pagans who hate Him because they simply just ain't Him. So your rhymes are just a sign of the times that man is trying to climb the ladder to be like the only One Divine, whom they claim they can't find as they walk around blind like mindless pantomimes.
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    My God ain't odd, stompin' out betrayers and haters like a mob with rods, just so you can fall at awe with His wrath and all, because you try to stall His rawness by holding your balls like you the tallest and hardest baller, only to face the gall of His bitterness because of the staunch of your wickedness which is worst than the awful stench of garbage mixed with the rawest fish from a harlot's lips after she gargled spit.
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    That's a drastic tactic to get me trippin' so bad that I can't mask it, as if I were basking on acid tablets with fasting rabbits.
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