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      by Published on 01-11-2021 11:45 AM

      The Ministry of Truth is a consortium of colluding “private” corporations. Freedom of speech is dead in America. This is not about Trump or protests. This is about shutting down all speech that is not approved by the leftist establishment.

      There is one and only one thing that will make a difference. It’s the bottom line. Boycott and divest. Stop buying on Amazon. Don't use Google. Don't use Facebook. Don't use Twitter. Get rid of your Gmail account. Sell all of your shares of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. Sell ETFs and mutual funds that hold these companies.

      #DivestMinitrue #DivestMinistryOfTruth
      #BoycottAmazon #BoycottApple
      by Published on 11-06-2019 02:40 PM

      Sentence First, Crime Later?
      By Ron Paul - 11/5/2019

      Attorney General William Barr recently sent a memo to law enforcement officials announcing a new federal initiative that would use techniques and tools developed in the war on terror, such as mass surveillance, to identify potential mass shooters. Those so identified would be targets of early interventions, which would include the disregarding of Second Amendment rights, as well as the imposing of mandatory counseling and involuntary commitment.

      The program would likely match data collected via mass surveillance with algorithms designed to identify those with mental problems that would lead them to commit violent crimes. So, this program would deprive Americans of respect for their rights not because ...
      by Published on 06-09-2018 11:00 AM

      As most of you know, I'm running for state representative in Kansas' 113th district. I'm running against a liberal Republican in the primary who is well funded. I need to raise a decent amount of money to run a competitive race, get radio ads up, and have a chance to win. I've received a very good response as I've campaigned all across the district. It's all a matter of getting my message out. If I can get my message out, I'll win the race. So far I've raised about $7,000 total in my campaign. My goal is to raise $10,000. That's not a huge amount, but I think it would be enough for me to win the race when combined with pounding the pavement and knocking on doors like I've been doing. I believe that I'll be able to raise an additional $2,000 outside of this forum. Therefore, I'd like ...
      by Published on 01-02-2018 07:21 PM

      My name is Brett Fairchild. Today I filed to run for state representative. I'll be running in a rural district in Kansas. I'm running on a platform of opposing tax increases, repealing the state sales tax on food groceries, ending civil asset forfeiture and no knock warrants, legalizing industrial hemp and medical marijuana, opposing all restrictions on gun ownership, supporting a free market healthcare system, reforming our state's licensing laws, reducing the size of the state workforce and reducing welfare/entitlement spending.

      I'm running in a Republican primary against a Republican I would describe as being a liberal Republican. I've known him my entire life and even consider him to be a friend, but I just have strong disagreements with him politically. He's part of a group of so called "moderate Republicans" in the Kansas house. In reality, they vote with the Democrats about 80-90% of the time. These so called "moderate Republicans" make up about half of the Republicans in the house of representatives. This legislative session they voted for the largest tax increase in state history, voted for massive spending increases, voted to keep Common Core, voted against defunding Planned Parenthood, voted to expand gun free zones, voted to expand Medicaid, voted to restore teacher tenure, etc.

      My opponent raised a large amount of money in his last campaign, and he defeated his previous opponent by a large amount. Therefore, I'm going to need to come up with ways to raise money to run a competitive campaign. I'd appreciate any support you guys could give me. Even if you can only afford to donate a small amount, a lot of people donating a small amount of money can go a long way.

      I know this isn't the right forum for this, but I'm just posting his here so that more people can see it initially. If the mods could just leave this post in this sub forum for a day or two before moving it, I'd appreciate it.

      This is my campaign website for anyone who wants to look at it.

      by Published on 10-07-2017 11:00 PM


      Good evening Carolina Conservative patriots!It is with heartfelt consideration and a great deal of prayer that I am announcing my candidacy for North Carolina State House District 7.

      We live in strange and awesome times, and now more than ever we need a strong, no-compromise Conservative voice who speaks truth to power, and yet who can still bridge the gap of that which is dividing us all against one another.

      All around us we see people elected to office who fail to uphold the principles we elected them for, who compromise with the establishment we oppose, who fail to stand up for what is right and what is good, and who do not hesitate to sell out for personal political gain.

      Conservatives around the State have asked me to step up, and now that the new legislative districts have arrived, I will respond to that call.

      ✔︎ I have a perfect voting record on defending and expanding gun rights, and a perfect record of opposing new taxes.

      ✔︎ I helped foment and lead a Freshman revolt to force VoterID to be heard, and not to be watered down.

      ✔︎ I offered an alternate plan to protect Traditional Marriage that would not have led to officially sanctioned gay marriage being forced upon us by the federal courts, but would have returned marriage to the sole dominion of God by prohibiting the State licensure of marriage altogether. Had we followed my plan, Traditional Marriage would still be safe and secure in North Carolina today.

      ✔︎ It was my language from HB587, the “North Carolina Jobs Bill” which I fought for and had inserted into the Joint Committee’s SB810 “Regulatory Reform Act of 2012.” It was this language that I introduced, which led to the economic boom now called the “Carolina Comeback.”

      I am running on my record not from my record, and it is high time to put people into the General Assembly who have the integrity and the courage to speak truth to power.

      In times like these — especially in times like these — we need people who will stand on principle, and refuse to cave on the principles we hold dear.

      I am NOT a career politician, I am just a regular working guy who can clearly see what needs to be done, and I am willing to step up and do it.

      Please consider voting for me, Glen Bradley, on Tuesday May 8th, 2018; and please consider a generous contribution to elect a stalwart Constitutional Conservative to the NC State House.

      My website can be found at glenbradley.com.

      You can review my full 2011-2012 State House voting history here. And my member voting statistics here.
      by Published on 04-04-2015 11:15 AM


      April 2, 2015 | By Morton Blackwell

      In early 1961, I decided to try to be a Goldwater delegate to the 1964 Republican National Convention. When Barry Goldwater beat the party establishment and won the G.O.P. Presidential nomination, I was his youngest elected delegate at San Francisco's Cow Palace. And I've been deeply involved in politics ever since.

      In 1975, I wrote an article for the Young Americans for Freedom magazine New Guard entitled, "So You Want To Go To A Convention?"

      Oklahoman Steve
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