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FOX/GOOGLE DEBATE Question+Response Count

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So I've been sitting here tracking the number of questions & responses for each candidate during the Fox/Google debate. I didn't use a stopwatch, so this is merely the number of times each candidate spoke-- omitting of course things that shouldn't really be counted, like when Santorum was unsuccesfully trying to interrupt people, but not really saying anything of substance. I did include in the count responses permitted by the moderators when the candidates were taking turns bantering back and forth.

Lets keep in mind that during the debate, there were a total of THREE questions posed to all the candidates (30 seconds response time for each question).

Here's the count:


Perry- 14

Romney- 15

Huntsman- 9

Santorum- 9

Bachman- 8

Cain- 7

Gingrich- 7

Johnson- 5

PS- If you choose to quote this elsewhere on this forum or elsewhere, please provide me with the credit of doing the counting.
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