View Full Version : T-Shirt Fundraiser and Special Debate Announcement!!

08-06-2010, 03:13 PM
The campaign has just been reached by phone by WFMZ, Channel 69 TV, and invited to participate in an October debate – no date or time specified. I was also informed that both Mayor Callahan and Representative Dent from the Republocrat Party have also accepted.

I was recently featured on WFMZ-TV a couple days ago, and am absolutely delighted to accept the invitation. Dent had been refusing to debate for the past couple weeks, at first due to a non-Republocrat “muddying” the waters, and secondly because of a band that volunteered to play at a concert. While I removed the band from the concert, Dent sprayed out some mud by calling me “someone enmeshed in ideas of anger, violence, anarchy, and bigotry.” Unfortunately, that mud doesn’t stick since I am pretty much the exact opposite as I retorted here. Due to all the letters to the editor recently, Dent has apparently changed his mind to stop using his incumbency to block political free speech and discourse.

That said, the campaign is in serious need of funds for yard signs (needed NOW) and radio ads this fall. Now through August 31st, for any donation of $50 or more, a campaign T-shirt will be sent anywhere in the USA as a thank you gift.

continued here: http://towneforcongress.com/media/t-shirt-fundraiser-and-special-debate-announcement/