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07-07-2010, 01:03 AM
Any news from the campaign? Anyone on the front lines? Moneybombs? Blog posts? Speeches? Events? Polling? Happenings or relevant information? :D

07-08-2010, 07:31 PM
helping out. There has been a lot...

HQ has opened and already been used a letter stuffing night and a base of operations of course.

He is invited to the debate.

The petition process is almost over he has over 6000 I believe and will have the 7000 in no time. From what it sounded like when I was there I do not believe he will be challenged but its best to go forth expecting it of course.

No new polling data but as I was collecting signatures I had such a great response rate talking about him being an independent. When I got to speak to people for longer times I had the greatest positive response.

When people hear about him and find out about his ideas, the open office, the pledge not to take the salary, the wars, etc people like him. I don't think I had a single bad response from people when I told them about Jake if the conversation was over three minutes.

He can win this race, the people there like hearing about what he is about. His next challenge after the ballot access which he will get no problem, is going to be saving up for media and yard signs. What he needs is money please donate this is a race we can win. This guy is dedicated to liberty and has given a lot up to run please consider helping out.