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Thread: Postcards for Paul

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    Postcards for Paul

    Would anyone be interested in starting a postcard movement? I was thinking of putting something together where people can mail out postcards to people on their christmas list. That way- it would be just letting people you know, know Ron Paul. And letting them know you are voting for Ron Paul. I think people are more influenced by people they know that just a random individual.

    This would be something set up like a "postcard bomb" or similar. Just picking a date where everyone sends them out.

    Is this a good idea? Anyone interested?

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    Why wait for a postcard date? Or why wait to do the idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by forever4now View Post
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained in this thread is now available and maintained on the Ron Paul Gateway. DO NOT post comments on this thread, as it is no longer maintained.

    -----Original Post-----

    This is an attempt to organize the ideas floating around to promote Ron Paul. The goal is to create something that supporters can use as a reference. Please continue to provide comments!

    See the COMPLETE List of Promo Products & Sources thread for a detailed list of available products.

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. PLATO


    Individual: Non-Internet
    • Talk to everyone (family, friends, neighbors, workmates, classmates, strangers)
    • Join a Meetup group & participate
    • Donate to the Campaign
    • Donate to ChipIn; Make pledge to PledgeBank
    • Ask family & friends to donate
    • Wear RP t-shirt, hat, button, lapel sticker, wristband
    • Add bumper sticker, window decal, etc. to vehicle
    • Display yard/window sign at home and small business
    • Distribute promotional material (flyers, CDs/DVDs, ...)
    • Post flyers on message boards (work, campus, stores, ...)
    • Hang posters in work elevator, office
    • Stamp envelopes, packages, business cards, money, ...
    • Place stickers on envelopes, packages, business cards, ...
    • Distribute "Tax Free Tips Act" to tip-based employees
    • Distribute "Keeping Promises to Seniors" to seniors
    • Give RP gifts (books, liberty dollars, ...)
    • Send RP Christmas & Holiday gift cards
    • Volunteer for Republican club at school
    • Produce YouTube videos & music

    Individual: Internet
    Group: Non-Internet
    Local/Mainstream Media
    Open Air Advertising

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    I sent out slim jims in all of my Christmas letters this year.

    And I've mailed almost 300 postcards to people in my precinct.

    Postcards are much cheaper ($0.26 stamps) than regular mail.

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    I will see what I can do. Any ideas would be welcomed...

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    Some Ron Paul postcards for your consideration:

    Very bottom of page
    " Let it not be said that we did nothing." -- Ron Paul

    "Truth is treason in the empire of lies." -- Ron Paul

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    check out vistaprint for oversized postcards!

    They offer both the printing AND the postage at the slower, yet much cheaper bulk mail rates. Simply upload a design, upload addresses and the rest they handle.
    Do you live in Michigan? Join our meetup and help spread the Ron Paul message!!

    The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.
    --Thomas Jefferson

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