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Thread: Aw far out I was late man

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    Aw far out I was late man

    Got all caught up in a client meeting. Got my donation in about 12:02 MST. Oh well, too late to make the official tally but it will still contribute to that "tail", that warming-down curve on the graphs. Better late than never or not at all.

    It's something like my 5th donation. To the campaign that is. Lots more donations of money, time, effort to the overall cause. Throwing into the MLK-bomb is kind of like a vitamin to me, just something to keep me feeling good.

    Love you people. Never give up, never give in.

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    But yo, checkit, it's still before midnight in CA so...that means I wasn't too late for most people who are up now. And those who are asleep, well, what they don't know won't hurt 'em in this case....

    Hey, don't listen to anybody who says we aren't doing great. Sure, we learn more every day but we're still the best thing that's happened in 3 generations.

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